March 21, 2011

My 22nd Birthday @ AMTI- Tong Yang and Purple Oven

This marks my first blog post. I have always wanted to start up my own blog before, and now that I have one, questions fill up my mind. What topic should I post first? How can I make my introduction? Where should I start?

                                 Now, I have decided to blog about my 22nd Birthday!!!

Last Friday (March 18, 2011), I arrived early at the office and caught Maita and Nikki decorating my desk with balloons. Posted on the wall were printouts that says " HAPPY BDAY KAYE!".  Talk about surprises. :)

For my birthday celebration,we decided to dine at Tong Yang Shabu-shabu and Grill at SM Megamall and avail their lunch promo of P399 for an unlimited shabu-shabu and grill experience. Their promo rate also comes with bottomless drinks.

We reserved a table for 10 and were taken to our seats at around 12:20PM. The waiter asked us for our choice of soup base first.
Choices for their soup stock were chicken, spicy and sinigang. We chose sinigang and spicy  for a hot and sour soup combination. Their sinigang was quite good but I was not a fan of the spicy.

Here are some of their buffet selections:

- tuna
- blue marlin
-boneless bangus
-baby octopus
-sole fish
-noon fish
-sea eel
-cream dory
- salmon
-clams, mussels, oysters, bamboo shell,
- unlimited crabs and shrimps (Yum!)

-pork, chicken and beef bbq
-chicken wings
-hotdogs, german franks, chicken hotdogs, chorizo, sausages, luncheon meat
-gizzard (baticulon), liver (atay), kidney (bato)
- sliced beef and lamb

-pechay, polunchay, kangkong, spinach, water crest, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, bean sprouts (togue), tomato, eggplant, young corn, japanese corn, tofu, taopao, assorted mushrooms, cucumber, singkamas, wintermelon (kundol), golden mushroom, black fungus(tenga ng daga), bell pepper, taro (gabi)

Hotpot Balls:
-fish balls, fish cake, squid balls, mushroom beef balls, chicken balls, Pork cake, pork mushrrom ball, sandwich balls, dumpling, spinach balls, beef balls, taiwan ball, singaporean squid balls, kikiam

Ready-to-eat food selections:
-Korean glass noodles (Chapchae)
-fried rice
-siopao, siomai, dumplings
-breaded katsudon
-vegetable tempura
-steamed crab
-assorted sushi (california maki, tamago sushi, kani sushi)

-ice cream (strawberry, chocolate, mocha and orange) 
     toppings: candy sprinkles, chocolate chips, and mini mallows
-caramel cake roll from Goldilocks 
-chocolate cake squares
-fresh fruits (bananas, papayas, watermelon and melon)

-orange juice
-pineapple juice
-Hi-C apple (my favorite!)

Tong Yang Hotpot

Their promo price of P399/person during lunchtime was indeed worth it.

Tong Yang 
Mandaluyong- 4/F, SM Megamall Bldg. A, Julia Vargas Avenue Mandaluyong City
Tel: 6313637 
Quezon Ave.- 1498 Quezon Avenue, QC
Tel: 414-9442; 373-3860 to 61
Makati- 34 Jupiter cor. Planet St. Makati City
Tel: 899-3388; 897-4148 
Manila- 3/F, Adriatico St., Pan Pacific Hotel Adriatico St., Malate, Manila
Tel: 536-8396

After lunch, my office mates surprised me with a birthday cake from Purple Oven. The cake was called Pistachio Stardust(695). It had generous amount of pistachios sprinkled all over the cake. I never heard of Purple Oven before and I was really excited to try it out. But because we were all very full from our lunch, I just blew my cake and decided to take it home.

Purple Oven Box

Pistachio Stardust

Marketing & BIG family

Purple Oven
63 Peter Street Oranbo Pasig City
Tel: 631.4221 / 910.1363 / 910.1364 / 0906.315.7661


  1. you forgot to mention that ur cake got sliced in half nung pauwi ka na..haha!!! funny..talagang nagseparate ung top and bottom layer!

  2. i was able to put it back to its original state naman e.. hahaha!

  3. bakit alam mo yung price? hahaha

  4. hihi! :) papiliin ba naman ako ni maita sa menu nila sa munchpunch..hahahaha!

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  6. sherry ann gole cruzApril 09, 2014

    the price is so worth it,the food looks yummy!

  7. Marykay MarilaoMarch 17, 2015

    Wow! congrats to your first blog. Indeed, it's very light but informative review of ur experience there. Affordable more that Vikings.


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