September 12, 2011

My Thai Kitchen- Not My kind of Thai

We ate at My Thai Kitchen in Eastwood last Sept 3 to celebrate D's birthday.

It's ironic how D used to not like Thai food. Thanks to me, he was forced to like it now. :)

Browsing through their menu, I noticed how extensive their menu was compared to other Thai restaurants we tried.

To start off, we ordered a glass of their Fresh Grape Juice (P110). It was more of a slushie which we really like.

You could actually tell that it was made fresh because of the small bits of pulps you could taste after every sip.

Next, we ordered for the Yam Pia Duk Fuu-Spicy Deep Fried Catfish and Green Mango Salad (P235).
It was my favorite dish. I think I was able to consume 3/4 of the whole serving.

I really liked how the catfish was deep fried to perfection. It was so crunchy yet I did not find it too oily.
Serving was generous too. I was very much satisfied until the very last bite.
It came with some green mango strips, chili, onions and peanuts on the side.

For appetizers, we ordered for the Pow Piet Tod Gai- Fried Spring Roll with Chicken and Noodle (P155) and their Tod Man Pia- Thai Fish Cakes (P165).

D liked both appetizers very much, especially the fish cakes. As for me, I did not quite like them.
I thought the fish cakes tasted like kimchi. They were like spicy fish balls.

For the spring rolls- nothing special. It was too oily and lost its crunchiness.

Then came their "best-seller", the Khau Kluk Gapi- Bagoong Rice w/ Sweet Pork & Green Mangoes (P230). 

I was disappointed with it. I have seen photos of their famous bagoong rice that many people rave about but the photos I saw over the net were far from what we were served that night.

I found the rice too sticky like Machang (chinese sticky rice).

You may refer to pictures below for comparison:

Our Bagoong rice:

Bagoong Rice photo online:

photos from

Lastly, their Pad Thai.

I never eat in a Thai Restaurant and not order Pad Thai. It's like an essential part of their menu that I have to order.

Again, it failed me.

Their Shrimp Pad Thai (230) was dry and lacked the flavor I was looking for.

There were only 2 pieces of shrimps compared to other Thai restaurants that give at least 4-6 pieces.

We had a hard time finishing the dish and so we decided to have it wrapped for takeout.

I don't know if we just ordered the wrong dishes, but I hope that My Thai Kitchen would be able to improve their quality of food. 

Since, I love Thai food so much, I'm still giving My Thai Kitchen the benefit of the doubt and will still visit them for a second time around.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!!! 
23 is just a number :)

My Thai Kitchen
G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., 
Bagumbayan, Libis Qc.
(02) 709-2127

They also have branches in:
SM Fairview Annex, Greenbelt 2, Wilson San Juan, Centris Edsa, The Block, Gateway, The Venice Piazza

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