September 3, 2011

Sweet Pea- American Comfort Food at The Venice.

Sweet Pea.

Even the name of it sounds so comforting.. 

Wait until you get into that little cozy restaurant just around the corner of The Venice Piazza in McKinley.

Ceiling fans accentuated a home-y and classic feel, while vintage frames were hung across a brick wall.

The bar area had those diner-type lights hanging from the ceiling and some quirky stuffs like the complete set of white table and kitchen wares mounted on the wall.

We ordered their Spinach, Bacon & Mushroom Quesadillas (P250) and Crispy Buffalo Wings (P250) both with a "Kid's Love it!" symbol.

The quesadillas reminded me of Shakey's special pizza. We did not quite like it.. I even thought we were given a different flavor since the spinach was nowhere in "taste". The bell peppers overpowered everything. 

Red bell peppers here.. green bell peppers there. "Bacon! Mushroom! Where are you??!!"

I could not taste them really. We should have ordered for the tuna instead.

It came with a salsa and guacamole dip by the way.

I was surprised when the chicken was served. It was so chunky and crispy judging by looks of it. I think there were about 6-7 pieces of crispy batter coated wings. It comes with their special BBQ and ranch sauce wherein you need to dip the wings cause that's the reason why it's called "buffalo wings". Without it, it's just plain fried chicken wings with a hint of spice.

We ordered for their Pumpkin Soup(P145) which the waiter said was their best-seller.

The soup was not that thick and creamy. It was peppery...I liked it though. I felt like I ordered pepper soup rather than squash soup. Haha!

And for the main course, their Baby Back Barbecue (P375). It was served with corn on the cob, salad on the side and curried rice. The barbecue tasted like Patatim, sweet and meaty. I noticed that the barbecue sauce was also the same sauce used in their buffalo wings.

Overall, I was happy with our meal. It was quite satisfying especially with their generous servings.
A recommended place for a casual date. :)

From This...                          To This...

They also served the bill in a cute vintage tin bucket. 

Sweet Pea by Chef Florabel Co
The Venice Piazza, Mckinley Road,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Tel Num: 659-3685

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