October 23, 2011

Bistro Ravioli- Fresh Pasta and Brick Oven Pizza

We ate at this Italian Bistro last night called Bistro Ravioli in Glorietta and I was so excited to blog about it and share our new find.

A sign that says fresh pasta and brick oven pizza was a huge plus. 

The place was packed with customers since the area was just small and can accommodate around 10 groups of diners only. The open kitchen caught my attention and I told myself that we need to have a seat on the bar area. Luckily, the waiter assisted us there and offered us the menu.

We browsed through their menu and asked for their best-sellers. 

The waiter recommended the Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce and the Spinach and Feta Cheese in Pesto Sauce for their ravioli.

We ordered for the latter one since we both love cheese and spinach.

D also ordered for a Honey Mustard Salad (P145) which was basically lettuce, onions, olives with strips of bell peppers and ham as the waiter explained. 

The best part of our sitting on the bar area is that we get to see the chefs prepare our orders.

chef preparing our salad
I give this chef a thumbs up for using plastic gloves
Bistro Ravioli truly knows the word Food Sanitation.

Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce (P210)

I thought that the ravioli will be served in pesto sauce but it was different from what we expected. It came in a red sauce with some pesto sauce on top. 

But we loved it just the same. D liked it very much. It's his kind of pasta sauce. Authentic Italian red sauce that was not sweet and had this fresh tomato taste. 

Too bad, I was not able to take a picture of the spinach and feta cheese inside the ravioli. 

Seeing all the thinly crusted pizza on the other tables made me want to order one for ourselves. And the fact that it was brick-oven pizza made me want it even more. 

And so we ordered for the Margherita Pizza (P280)- a 12-inch thin crust pizza topped with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese.

Again, we saw the chef prepare our pizza from scratch. 


The pizza was good. I liked how the crust turned out to be thin and crunchy. We were able to consume only half the pizza and had the other half to go.

Lastly, how can we miss their chicken wings. We asked for the difference of the Diablo Wings and Herb Chicken Wings and again, the waiter clearly explained each dish.

The Herb Chicken Wings is basically fried chicken wings with gravy sauce. But not the usual gravy sauce because it is an Italian herb gravy sauce as the waiter explained.

The Diablo Wings (P270) on the other hand is their own version of buffalo wings. The moment he said the magic word "buffalo wings", I immediately decided that we'll get that one.

The wings came in 6 pieces. Basically 3 whole wings cut into half to make 6 pieces. We loved it!
The sauce was thick and had this strong barbecue flavor. It reminded me of the seasoning powders in barbecue chips.

You can still see some chili flakes on the wings and I think you could ask them to omit the chili if you're not a big fan of spicy food.

It was great trying out Bistro Ravioli. And after I did some researching at home, I learned that they also have a branch in SM Mall of Asia and Robinson's Place Ermita.

Will definitely come back and try their other branches too.

2 Happy and Satisfied Diners

Bistro Ravioli
2/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center,
 Makati City

Sm Mall of Asia
2/F South Wing Main Mall, 
Bay Blvd. Pasay
Contact Num: 8040577

Robinson's Place
2/F Midtown Wing,
Pedro Gil, Cor. Adriatico,Ermita Manila
Contact Num: 5237565


  1. Glad you liked Bistro Ravioli! :) I like their ravioli pastas too. But I haven't tried their pizzas and other side orders.. Anyway, following you now.. ^^


  2. @Sumi Go

    Followed you too :) you should definitely try their diablo wings :)

  3. @katherine
    Food presentation was the key to make the salad looked yummier! :)

  4. felt like we're in Italy! Super like!

  5. I really should try this place out some time. =)

  6. @The Average Jane

    Hope you'll it too. :) You should definitely try their diablo wings :)

  7. wrote about this is my blog too. wasnt too satisfied with it though :(

  8. @[pinkc00kies]

    Really? Saw ur post about the garlic seafood spaghetti, i agree, it did not looked very appetizing. Looked dry too..have u tried their diablo wings? You should definitely try it out next time :)

  9. sherry ann gole cruzDecember 19, 2014

    love to try the Margherita Pizza! love pizza so much.


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