October 18, 2011

Charlie's Grind and Grill- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Time Around

I love buffalo wings. I love buffalo wings. I love buffalo wings.
Words can't express my love for buffalo wings.

Oh, Buffalo Wings! Oh, Buffalo Wings! Where art thou Buffalo Wings?
I've always been on a lookout for buffalo wings. 

It's just the perfect comfort food. I love how you could just get an order for yourself and enjoy those saucy and yummy wings with your bare hands. 

Contentment and satisfaction are two words to describe how I feel after every every meal.

No Guilt, No Regrets, No "Should Haves".

That's why when I heard that Charlie serves the best buffalo wings in town, I decided to pay him a visit.

The place is not that hard to find as the famous landmark for Charlie's is the car wash beside it in Kapitolyo.

Their menu is written all over the chalkboard above the counter making it easier for customers to browse through their offerings all at the same time. 

Based from friends and other bloggers, their best-sellers are the Black Angus Burger w/ Fries (P220) and the Buffalo Chicken Wings (P180/6 pcs).

An order of buffalo wings also comes with Vegetable Sticks (P100). I so love the fresh and crunchy carrot sticks dipped in Bleu Cheese.

Chili and Cheese Fries (P150)- Cheesseeeyy and Meattyy!

Their Fish & Chips (P220) is also worth a try. It's basically a whole battered cream dory served with tartar sauce and fries.

Their Sweet Honey Dijon flavored wings is a recommendation for those who are not a fan of spicy food.

But if you are the adventurous type who loves spicy food, you should definitely try their hot or nuclear wings. Or why not go for the Puneta Sauce... if you DARE!

We tried their hot wings during our next visit and its totally insane!

An order of their Vanilla Milkshake (P150) did not help either.

And for our last visit, we tried their Nuclear wings.

It blew us away!

You'll be needing a lot of tissue I tell you. Can somebody guess what it is for? *wink

I could not imagine what their Puneta sauce wings taste like. Seriously! They still have something spicier than this??? 

I would not bother trying it out. I'm not that adventurous as I thought I was. Haha! 

Charlie's Grind & Grill
16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig

Ronac Art Center, 
Ortigas Ave. San Juan


  1. yummmyy! it's the best! another round? hahaha!

  2. Kelan kaya ako makakapunta dyan??

  3. @peachkins
    You should try it out. They have 2 branches already. :)
    You can't go wrong with the sweet honey dijon wings.

  4. heard this one's so good. if only it's near my house, i'll try it

  5. I know the purpose of those tissues!! hahaha!

  6. @Anonymous
    Haha! Go share! :) if it has something to do with the chicken and sauce then i guess you got that one right! Hahaha! :)


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