October 25, 2011

Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss Cupcakes- :(

I purchased a voucher from Metrodeal for a set of 12 "Heavenly" Cupcakes from Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss.

I immediately got the deal since I'd only be paying P225 for a P900 worth of cupcakes.

Photos on the deal page was very appealing and enticing. And to know that a piece is only around P18 will really attract many buyers.

And so, off we went to their store in Casa Nueva, Mangga Rd. Quezon City. We arrived and learned that it was a residential townhouse.

We got our cupcakes and left.

We were very disappointed.

Here are the "Heavenly" Cupcakes the deal promised.

The size of the cupcakes were small and flat. I did not find it "creatively decorated" too. And these cupcakes were valued at P900?? 

If you would do the math, a cupcake would cost P75 each!

Nevertheless, I gave these cupcakes the benefit of the doubt and thought they might actually taste good. 

I started to bite on the orange colored cupcake which I first thought was a carrot cupcake. 

Fail! It was I think their version of Red Velvet. The cupcake was too oily. I have never eaten a cupcake as oily as this one.

There's a difference between oily and moist. This was really oily.

The texture was crumbly and you can feel the oil in your mouth. I tried to pinch the cake using my two fingers and oil was oozing out.

I did not bother to take another bite.

Next up, their Vanilla Cupcake with butter cream frosting.

The cake was soft and moist but the taste was again disappointing.

It lacked the sweetness of a cake and it just fell short of flavor I was looking for.

The only thing I liked about it was the frosting. The sweetness of it compensated for the bland taste of the cupcake.

A thing I learned about cupcakes is that they should never be dependent on their frosting. A good cupcake could be eaten as it is without frosting and still taste good.

For the chocolate cupcakes, both have the same chocolate base.
The only difference is that one has a butter cream frosting just like the vanilla cupcakes, while the other one has this chocolate ganache with cherry on top.

Again, it failed me. The cupcake lacked the chocolate flavor and again it was bland.

The only thing that the owner got right was the softness of the cupcakes. But flavor wise, I think they must reinvent the recipe. 

Lesson I got from this? Always do your research.

I had a hard time looking for reviews about the merchant so I did not really know what to expect.

But knowing that the value of these cupcakes was originally P900 (P75/each), I really expected a lot. 

I don't know if these are just cupcakes for that particular deal and they thought of lowering the quality due to cost. But I think that regular customers and voucher holders must be treated equally for them to gain more loyal clients.

Wonder what the other 614 voucher holders thought of this deal.