October 28, 2011

Yawori- A New Korean Yakiniku Discovery

We accidentally found a new Korean Restaurant near Timog while looking for a Korean Grocery that was recommended by a relative.

Coming from Timog, it is just near JayJ's Inasal along Mother Ignacia Ave.

My father have been into Korean dishes lately and wanted to buy some ingredients in the grocery. They also sell Melona Ice Cream which was a favorite among us. It was sold at P25 each but they have this promo of buy 5 pieces for P100.

After a while, we checked out the restaurant called Yawori just beside the grocery store. 

The owner then came out apologizing that they are no longer accepting customers because they ran out of ingredients. He thought that we were going to eat there and told us to come back around 12 midnight.

The store apparently opens at night til 7am in the morning.

Most of the customers were Koreans and they go there for some drinks and barbecue.

He was very kind and friendly because he kept on bowing and saying sorry to us. He gave us his business card and told us that we just need to show it next time for a discount. 

Fast forward to the day we went back for dinner, the owner welcomed us inside and friendly waitresses assisted us on our seats.

The place was simple with Asian accents and frames on the walls.

They have this wall with pictures of their customers, some I noticed were even celebrities.

Moving on to their menu, they have limited selections which made it easier for us to choose which dishes to order.

Their grilling dishes consist of only 3 choices: pork belly, beef belly and prime ribs.

Their grilling plate is different from other yakiniku restaurants that use metal plates. Instead, they use glass plates on top of the stove.

We were served with the usual assorted Korean appetizers which I think is the best part of a Korean dining experience. It always excites me to know the different kinds of appetizers they serve.

Our orders started with their Pork Belly (P250) and Beef Belly (P300) for our grill. It also includes unlimited lettuce which was a huge plus for us since we eat a lot of greens with our barbecue and other Korean restaurants charge extra for additional greens.

The waitress was kind enough to cook the beef for us and cut them into pieces. She also places some onions and garlic while cooking the meat.

Then we also ordered for the Beef Bulgogi (P300) which was my personal favorite. I so love the sweetness of the sauce and the tenderness of the beef. The serving looked plenty because there were a lot of caramelized onions inside the pot. Though there were not so many beef slices, we still loved this dish so much! 

Then we also had a small order of their Dakdoritang (P500) which is basically spicy chicken stew. I did not quite like this one because the sauce was ketchup-y and bland. Maybe because my parents asked the waitress to lessen the spiciness of the dish since my Mom doesn't eat spicy food much.

A dish that we always order in Korean restaurants is their Bibimbap (P250). For Yawori's Bibimbap, they use black rice instead of the usual white steamed rice. There was nothing special about the dish except for its rice, but serving was big enough for two.

Our last order was their Ozinguhbokeum (P400) or stir-fried squid in spicy sauce. You will love this dish if you like spicy food. Again it has a lot of onions to make the dish look plentiful. Taste was not bad, it was sweet at first then you could feel the spiciness kick in after some time. 

Then, we got this order of Japchae (a popular Korean dish made from sweet potatoes noodles) (P150) from the grocery store beside Yawori.

An area where the owner plays his Xbox. He seemed to be a football fanatic since all his games were about  FIFA and football.

The owner (right), sharing some of his garlic snack to us. It was black garlic, a Korean health product which is rich in antioxidants. It was soft and prune-like since black garlic is fermented to have that sweet and tamarind-like taste. 

Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City


  1. I'm not really into Korean food YET, but I'd like to try this some time. The place looks so homey and nice na nandyan ang owner :) Love the photos, especially the appetizers' -- they look yummy! Btw sis, the utensils look pricey and heavy ah.. XD

  2. @Sumi Go

    Actually they bought the utensils and plates from the grocery beside them. The chopsticks were very hard to use kasi it was flat haha! :)

  3. Issa Dela CruzFebruary 01, 2013

    Hi! What time exactly sila nago-open? I'm planning to visit it soon. :)

  4. Kakagaling ko lang dito kanina.
    According to the staff open sila from 11am to 7am. :)

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