November 2, 2011

Seoul Garden- SM North Edsa Annex

I've always been on the quest to find different buffet restaurants in the Metro. I love buffets because I get to try different food items for a fixed price making it more sulit. I am a type of person who doesn't eat much of the same food in buffets. I see to it that I get myself full of all the food the restaurant has to offer. I want to taste a little bit of everything. 

When D and I went to SM North Edsa for the first time together last week, we decided to try the buffet restaurant called Seoul Garden. It was a tough decision between Seoul Garden and Yakimix but finally settled for the latter since D reasoned out that since we were already at North Edsa, why not try something we haven't tried before. Besides, there are many branches of Yakimix and it is only in North Edsa where we get to try Seoul Garden. And it might take a while before we can go back there.

And so, Seoul Garden it is.

Upon entering, we saw that rate for Friday dinner is at P635 plus 6% service charge so that's roughly around P670/person. It was already 9pm and the waitress told us that they will start to keep the dishes at 9:30pm but we can dine and stay until 10pm. We agreed, as we had no choice.

We checked the buffet table and I wanted to run all the way back to Yakimix. The spread was limited and as if all the items were the same. 

Kimchi Pork- Kimchi Chicken
Pork Bulgogi- Chicken Bulgogi
Coffee Pork- Coffee Chicken
TomYum Pork- TomYum Chicken
Black Pepper Pork- Black Pepper Chicken
Sze Chuan Beef- Sze Chuan Chicken

They have some fish balls and hotdogs for the hotpot, and some corn, noodles and greens too.

They have 2 kinds of sushi which we did not like. The rice used was ordinary rice, it was bland and did not tasted like sushi at all.

The only thing I liked about the buffet spread was the seafood section because they have shrimps!
Their fish selections basically have the same fish just marinated in different sauces. 

They also have squid, clams, mussels, and small crab pieces too.

For desserts, they have a halo-halo section with some oranges and pineapples.

When we entered the place and asked a table for two, we went straight to the buffet table while the waitress asked us for our soup base. We asked for their specialty and she told us that it was the Ginseng Chicken and TomYum Soup.

I asked if we could have half of each but she told us that we can only choose 1 and may ask for a new kind of soup after we consume the first choice.

We settled for the Ginseng Chicken.

So after we got all our food from the spread, we went to our seats and I was really surprised with the size of the grill and hotpot.

It was really small. Far from the other buffet restaurants we tried before. It may look big in the picture but trust me, you'll have a hard time grilling.

A pitcher of the soup base was left beside the table just in case customers we will be asking for more.

Our plates:

They have asado and bola-bola siopao which were like 95% bun 5% filling.

Their sushi? Complete Failure. We were not expecting authentic Japanese sushi but these were really unsatisfying.

The small bowl of salad on the side is shredded cucumber with wasabi dressing. Not a fan of wasabi.

Fishballs, Fishsticks, Hotdogs, Noodles,Veggies for our Hotpot
Pork choices
Chicken Choices
Seafood Choices
We started grilling..

The soup turned pinkish in color because of the hotdogs.

And the taste?

Forgettable. I could only remember that it tasted like water with salt.

The soup for the day which was crab and corn soup tasted way better.

After all the grilling has been done, you could hardly differentiate one meat from the other. They looked the same, others even tasted the same.

Another "Should have" moment. For a bill like this, we should have dine else where. 
But as D said, "It's better that we've known earlier."

True. We might have been inviting our families to dine there and end up disappointing them.

Talk about the build ups we say to our families just because you want to try a new restaurant that you researched over the net.

Guilty as charged. :)

Seoul Garden
225-226 The Annex 1,
SM City North Edsa, Quezon City
Contact Number: 3554006