December 28, 2011

Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana- Food Street Ortigas Home Depot

We decided to visit Jalapeño one last time before the year 2011 ends. Just located along the Food Street in Ortigas Home Depot, it has been a favorite hangout place of some Mexican food lovers in the area.

Upon entering, a distinct smell of Mexican cuisine welcome us. We were guided to the second floor where some Mexican pictures are framed on the wall and a map of Mexico could also be found.

A casual Mexican pub was characterized by the use of wooden chairs, brown and yellow hues, and the dimmed lights effect. 

Browsing through the menu, they have a variety of Mexican food choices like nachos, quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas.

We ordered for a glass of their Herbed Lemonade (P65) to refresh ourselves and as recommended by the server.

Then we got an order of their Baked Jalapeno Cheese Dip (P190) served with a plateful of nacho chips. 
The dip was great however, I think it took too long in the oven giving it a bitter and burnt taste on the topmost part. And I thought it was some kind of barbecue sauce. :)

Then I ordered for their Grilled Chicken Tacos (P180) which came in 2 pieces. Soft tacos were used with sour cream and Mexican salsa on the side.

The tacos had grilled chicken pieces, salsa, lettuce and cheese inside it. I love that it was served in soft tacos making it easier for me to enjoy them without the messy part. 

D, on the other hand got himself a Pepper Steak Burrito (P195) which was again recommended by the waiter. It was also served with sour cream and salsa which D did not even bother to try. Yey! More sour cream dip for me :)

The burrito was big and chunky. I got myself a bite and surprisingly it was good. I was never a fan of burritos but this one was great! The steak was tender and flavorful too. No doubt D enjoyed it very much. Just a couple of minutes and the burrito was gone. 

Since we still wanted to try something new, we also ordered for a bowl of their Mexican Bean Soup (P90).

D did not like this one very much and I only liked the soup and cheese. There was a generous amount of beans, tomatoes and bell peppers which we were not able to finish. Oh well, at least we were able to try it out. 

We were so full afterwards but very much satisfied with our orders. Hopefully the cheese dip won't be burnt next time. :)

Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana
FoodStreet Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave. Pasig

Tel Num: 4703474


  1. Very delectable pictures. I'm curious now how those Mexican foods taste. I will definitely visit this place when I get to Manila next year.

    Happy New Year! :-)

  2. This is so near my office but I haven't tried it. Will definitely visit this 2012. :)

  3. I'm not really a big fan of Mexican food, just some nachos and quesadillas :D

    Anyway, I hope you had a nice Christmas.. ^^ And have a wonderful 2012 Berylle, D and family! :)

  4. From the name, it already reeks of it! The food looks very tempting.

  5. @Sumi Go
    Thanks Sumi! Happy New Year too! :)

  6. @Aileen
    They really are. They also have some non spicy choices on their menu too. :)

  7. may Jalapeño din sa cubao. kng kilala ko ang owner nito, malamang bigtime na xa. visiting with a smile.

  8. love your blog skin! i'm salivating right now...i love mexican food pa naman...btw Berylle, I would like to invite you to my give-away featuring stuffs from coastal scents, urban decay, soap & glory and h&m. here's the link just in case you're interested to join: thank you so much! have a great day!

  9. Not a big fan of their food presentation D: You guys are so cute btw :)

  10. Wanna try this na ... getting more reasons to visit Ortigas Home Depot haha

  11. @spiky
    Really? didn't know that.. but I think it's a different one. Thanks for dropping by spiky! :)

  12. @kay
    Go try! daming makakainan tlga..but mostly mga bars haha!

  13. Hi Berylle,
    I love Mexican foods. You made me hungry. Nice photos. Nice review.:)


  14. This post makes me want to go to Food Street A.S.A.P.! :P

  15. love spices! I should have to try this.. delectable Mexican foodies.

  16. You got me craving for Mexican food so early in the morning!

  17. love the photos, its clear and it seem that it was real even though i was facing on the pc. I'm also an avid fan of spices, so definitely ill try to visit this place and Mexican food are very interesting:)


  18. The Pepper Steak Burrito looks really good. Thanks for the tip, will try this soon!

  19. i hope they didn't serve you the burned cheese dip. thumbs down for the service.


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