December 1, 2011

Sweet Nothings: Jigsaw #2 - The Yellow Brick Road

Sweet Nothings would be a title post for things D and I do other than Eating, Restaurant Hopping, Foodtrips and other things related to food.

I've mentioned in my post before that D and I have been addicted to Jigsaw puzzles. In fact, we just bought another 1000-piece from Greenhills yesterday. It was a glow in the dark puzzle which we thought was already a bargain for its price of P300. Most 1000-piece puzzles we find in malls are prices at P800-P1000. I am so excited to share the puzzle we bought since it was like the first puzzle we made called the Tricycle Kiss.This one is better since it was glow in the dark.

But, I want to blog about that when we have finally completed the puzzle.

So this post will be about our 2nd completed puzzle called The Yellow Brick Road. This time, an additional 50 pieces were added to our first completed project.

We were able to buy this for only P100 from Trinoma during the Toys R Us Big Toy Sale.

Luckily I found this treasure during the sale cause I really loved the design. It was like a classic movie poster with a holga frame film effect.

Again, we started with the borders to create the frame and then moved on to work with the letters and pictures.

We  finished the puzzle in just one night cause we both found it easy to make especially with the words and pictures to help build the puzzle pieces faster.

Another puzzle for framing. We were able to frame the first puzzle we made and I must say that the cost of the frame was even more expensive than the puzzle itself. We asked for quotation in malls and we were surprised that the small frame for our 500-piece puzzle will more or less cost 1k. Good thing know a place where we can have it framed at cheaper cost. Instead of paying a thousand, we just paid around P500 for it. Still expensive but oh well, at least we got to purchase our puzzles at bargain prices. 

Project: The Yellow Brick Road
Pieces: 550 pieces
Days completed: 1 night