January 10, 2012

Love Desserts- Eat All You Can Desserts in Banawe

Read a review from Cheftonio's Blog about this new dessert place in Banawe called Love Desserts. And so I immediately suggested we try it there last night since Banawe is just near our place. 

I wasn't able to get their complete address but I was sure it was along Banawe so we just drove til Causeway and finally saw the white signage just across the street beside Bruno's barbershop. 

Love Desserts opened December 12 of last year as posted in a large tarpaulin just outside the place. I was surprised that they were serving rice meals too also posted in a smaller one. 

Few tables were occupied when we arrived and the waiter asked if we want to sit on the inner part of the room for a more private setting. But we thought that sitting near the buffet area is much better for easier access. Right?

The first station was filled with different pastries and desserts while the second station had the crepe, ice cream and the drinks station. 

Their drink station includes Milk Tea with some black pearls which you can place on your drink and Iced tea.
First Buffet Station
Second Buffet Station

My dad was the only one who didn't avail of their eat-all-you-can desserts as he is not a fan of sweets so much. He just got himself an order of Tocilog inclusive of unlimited drinks. I couldn't believe how he manages to order a rice meal right after our dinner at home. 

Moving on, the four of us (mom, sis and bro) curiously browsed through their buffet selections. 

Choices includes deep fried items like Tuna and Chicken Empanada which you may request the waiters to reheat them for you. They also have Guinataang Maisa filipino delicacy of sticky rice, corn kernels and coconut milk. 

Some banana recipes like Banana Muffins and Turonbanana wrapped in lumpia wrapper and sugar then deep fried 'til crisp and golden brown.

They also have Cookie Jars with two kinds of crunchy cookies. 

Sylvannas which I was so excited to try cause they looked really good.
Strawberry Mousse in Shot Glasses
Fruit Salad
Brownies and Food for the Gods
Cakes and pastries which all look appetizingly sweet.  
Cream Puffs, Eclairs and Cakepops with candy sprinkles and rice crispies

And a Halo-Halo station which was the main reason for my mom's willingness and excitement to visit the place.

The Halo-Halo station has some of the basic toppings and ingredients for the famous Filipino dessert-
Beans, Gulaman, Nata, Sago, Leche Flan, Ube Halaya and Pinipig.

Halo-Halo Station

They served 2 kinds of cake that night, a Strawberry Shortcake and a Vanilla Cream Cake with chocolate shavings. 

I believe their cakes change once in a while since they have this freezer of different cakes on the side which are also available for purchase.

Fresh Fruits like oranges, apples, longan and bananas
They also have a Crepe station where you can have your freshly prepared crepes with different flavors to choose from. They have banana, apple, blueberry, peach, and cherry fruit fillings with 4 kinds of syrup- strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate and caramel. They also have a Nusica chocolate spread that is a perfect combination for a banana.

And just beside the crepe station is their ice cream station where they serve Big Scoop Ice Cream with different toppings of your choice such as choco wafer sticks, gummies, sprinkles, chocolate chips, big and small marshmallows and some colorful rainbow nips. 

You may also order for their Milkshakes which their waiters highly recommended.

I thought that their P199 per person rate is already a fair price for their offerings. But for those who can't consume P199 worth of sweets, Good News! They also have an a la carte menu for you!

Judging from the menu, all selections are reasonably priced with prices below a hundred pesos only. But after seeing all the sweets and desserts posted above, who wouldn't go for the unlimited desserts right???

Moving on to our plates, I was first amused by the colorful plastic utensils, plates and bowl under the buffet table. 

It's perfect for the kids and the kids at heart. And would I pass the opportunity not to try these cute dining wares? No! So the kid in me urged my heart to grab those colorful plastic "toys".

I started to pick up a Cream Puff, Lollicake and a shot of Strawberry Mousse from buffet table and placed them carefully at my green plate. 

The cream puff was good however I thought it was a little chewy and hard. Maybe due to the fact that it was left there uncovered for a long time already. The strawberry mousse which was supposed to be airy and light was also a bit liquidy for me. Now, I am thinking that maybe it's not a mousse. Lastly, the chocolate lollicake was a hit for me. The cake itself was not too sweet and the white chocolate coating used for the rice krispies to stick gave the hint of sweetness it needed.

Then I moved on to the Strawberry shortcake and the Sylvannas. This time placing them on the white square plates available.

Again, the cake was not too sweet. However, I would have liked it better if the icing and the strawberry filling was.
The sylvannas on the other hand was sweet, nutty and buttery at the same time. It was like sansrival in a different shape and style. 

My mom got herself a Peach Crepe with chocolate syrup and a bowl of Halo-Halo which is her weakness. Took advantage of the leche flan too. :)
You may also opt to put some ice cream on your bowl for a creamier halo-halo.

My sister got herself a combination of Apple and Peach Crepe drizzled with white chocolate syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar and a scoop of Sugar-Free Buko Pandan Ice Cream.

My brother and I requested for a strawberry milkshake, however, only chocolate was available that time so that's what we got. 

Their chocolate milkshake fall short of my expectation. It was like Chuckie chocolate drink less creamier and chocolatey. I guess they placed too little amount of chocolate ice cream and milk in there.

Here's my father's classic Filipino breakfast Tocilog which had a generous serving of tocino pieces. It's great that the tocino was not red meaning it had less chemicals and preservatives added to it. Looked like he enjoyed this one since he was able to finish the whole plate afterwards. 

I also got myself a Blueberry Crepe which the guy freshly prepared in front of me. He also let me take the syrup to our table so I could design the crepe by myself. 

And here's my masterpiece! :) 

The crepe was ok but I find their crepe batter a bit bland. The blueberry filling was not that fruity in taste and lacked the blueberry flavor I was looking for. I guess putting an ice cream on top would help but I was so full already and didn't bother to add one.

Afterwards, we filled a bowl with longans which we ate like nuts. Our family just love them! 

And what's a better way to end our sweet encounters than a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. Yes, aside from the milk tea and iced tea, they also have this coffee maker where you can have your dose of coffee to cap the meal. 

You can make your own Brewed Coffee, Caffe Latte or Cappucinno. By the way, their milk tea was also great however, don't expect too much cause it's different from the usual milk teas available in the market. It has a strong tea flavor and was not too sweet which was a plus for my parents. 

I love this statement! It perfectly suits Love Desserts! :) So let's all Start Living the Sweet Life! :)

Before going home, we wrote on some of the colored papers posted on a small cork board.

They also gave complimentary 2012 Monthly Schedulers upon billing out. Thank You Very Much Love Desserts! :)

Overall, I was satisfied with our experience in Love Desserts. It was something unique and new to try though there were hits and misses too. But for the given rate of P199, I couldn't ask for more. It was definitely worth it!

Looking forward to our next visit!

Love Desserts
915 Banawe St. cor. 
G. Roxas St. Quezon City
Tel Num: 3483551