February 14, 2012

Bistro Casanova- Order-All-You-Can Italian Cuisine in Burgos Circle Fort

D and I got a voucher of an order-all-you-can Italian cuisine from Bistro Casanova. The promo was originally worth P1,800 and we were able to avail it for only P550 each. Great deal isn't it? 

I had a hard time looking for some reviews online about Bistro Casanova so we didn't quite know what to expect from the restaurant.

We finally found ourselves in front of the establishment which looked more like a bar than a restaurant. It was just a small area with bar tables and chairs outside. 

We went inside and saw that there were no other customers dining in. We were hoping that we wouldn't be disappointed this time 'cause both of us were really hungry and we already saved space on our tummies for some unlimited Italian food. 

A trio of musicians were playing some music while we were carefully browsing through their menu.

Their menu was quite interesting.. Some choices were not really familiar to us that we wanted to try everything.

The only problem was that they have this policy of no sharing. I didn't understand that part really. I told the waitress that both of us availed of the promo so there's no problem with sharing our food. But she was insisting that we really can't do that. 

I asked her that if we wanted to try their pizza we have to order one for each? And she said yes. I asked how big their pizza was and she said that it was a whole round pizza. It was crazy! She explained that it was thin crusted so we won't be full afterwards. Still, it was a whole 10" pizza. In the end, she told us that one can get 1-2 slices from the other one's order but not half of it. I gave in since I won't be eating 4 slices of the pizza anyway. 

We started with the soup. D got their Onion Soup while I got their Pumpkin Soup. 

The soups were actually good, however there was this strong peppery taste on both that after finishing the whole bowl, we felt full and bloated already. 

D ordered for a pizza while I got myself a salad.

Casanova Salad

Again, it was a big plate of salad with lettuce, cucumber, ham, pineapple bits, croutons and chicken strips in mustard dressing. Nothing really much to rave about this but I can say that their greens were fresh and crispy.

For appetizers, we got their Involtini Vegetali Alle Due Salse which is rolled grilled eggplants, bell pepper and zucchini served with pesto and sun-dried tomato sauce. 

We loved this antipasti especially with the sun-dried tomato sauce on it. Best to pop the whole thing into your mouth to appreciate the flavors of the dish. 

We also got the Pachino Ripieno Crosta Di Pizza which is one of their best-sellers. It was basically cherry tomatoes stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella rolled in crispy pizza and parma ham.

D's pizza came in first before the second antipasti. We got the Quatro Stagioni which is a four seasons of pizza flavors: Boscaiola- tomato, ham, mushroom, mozzarella;  Casanova- tomato, basil, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula; Frutti di Mare and Napoli-tomato, anchovies and mozzarella.  

I think they changed the Frutti Di Mare to another flavor 'cause I can't seem to find that flavor in the pizza. 
I managed to eat a slice of the Casanova and Napoli. The crust was really thin but it was not crispy. It was more like an under cooked pizza dough that was soft and moist. Only the sides of the crust were crispy but a bit burnt though. 

After a follow up of our antipasti, it finally came. 
I was surprised by how big each dough was. It was so hard to pop the whole thing into your mouth. I got to eat 4 pieces of this and I really felt full afterwards. Actually, I was like forced to finish the whole thing since D already ate 6 slices of the pizza. 

I liked the tomato and cheese surprise inside followed by the kick of saltiness from the anchovies and parma ham after every bite. This was actually good however eating 4 pieces of these thick and fluffy pizza rolls will make you feel really stuffed in the end.

I noticed that we haven't ordered from their Main Course menu. My mind was screaming for the Rissoto di Mare but my stomach was ready for dessert.

In the end, we just got the Petti Di Pollo Al Pesto- chicken breast in pesto cream sauce.

It wasn't really what I expected but still it was great. The chicken breast was tender and the pesto sauce was flavorful and aromatic.

Even after all the food we consumed, we manged to order for their desserts. We tried both of the desserts they offer. The Mango Tango and Panna Cota.

Both were equally good. It wasn't that sweet and we really enjoyed the last plates to cap off our meal. 

It was just sad that I wasn't able to try their risotto. Oh well, maybe next time. 

Honestly, I don't think we ordered much from their menu. Paying for the regular rate of P1, 800 per person wouldn't be worth it. But in our case, paying P1,100 for the both of us definitely was. 

Bistro Casanova
G/F Kensington Place, 1st Ave.,
Burgos Circle. Fort Bonifacio