February 21, 2012

Torch Restaurant- Greenhills

First time we've visited Torch in Greenhills was December last year to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. Yes, this is a long overdue post which should have been published together with the Christmas Surprise post I blogged about here.

We've been meaning to try out this place but it seems that every time we plan to dine here, a new agenda comes along.

Finally, on our 1st year anniversary, he made it happen. 

The weather was quite chilly on the night of our visit but Torch's staff warmly welcomed us inside.

The place was neat and simple. Modern tables and chairs with a bar area in the corner of the room. Dimmed lights to set the mood for a more romantic dinner date. 

For the food, we had their Truffle Fries (P234.95) as a starter which was highly recommended by a lot of people.

I am not a huge fan of fries so this order was just what I expected it to be. Chunky slices of potato wedges that were a bit oily and soggy rather than crispy.

Their Buffalo Asian Chicken Wings (P324.95) on the other hand was a perfect bullseye. I could still remember the sweet glaze that coated each crispy wing perfectly, followed by a subtle kick of spice to balance out the flavors. 

For our pasta, we got the Vongole ala Arrabbiata (P349.95) which had lots of baby clams and cherry tomatoes on it. The pasta was perfectly cooked in a bright red puree of tomato sauce which had this rich, creamy and intense flavor.

If you're someone who loves pasta in red sauces with an authentic Italian taste, then this dish is for you. 

Their Leaning Tower (P449.95) pizza is an epitome of the perfect thin crusted pizza. It was really crispy but not to the point that the crust would break and crumble. It was loaded with mushroom and Italian sausages and of course the best topping of all.. melted cheese! 

For their pizza and pasta, an order is already good for two people to share. In our case, we managed to finish our pasta and had some few slices of the pizza to go.

Here's their menu for your reference :)

The highlight of this night was not only their great food and excellent service but also a memorable surprise D planned for me. Until now, I could not imagine how he came up with this idea. 

It was hands down one of the sweetest things he did.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time when Gwen (our server for that night) greeted us a happy anniversary. Then she and Melanie (also from Torch) brought out a piece of paper and started to sing us a song-When I See You Smile by Uncle Sam.

It was truly a kilig moment with mixed emotions. I was greatly touched but wondered how they would know about this special occasion. D was with me the whole time during our dinner and he never got to speak with them privately.

Turned out, he went there the week before and planned everything out. 

I curiously asked him all about the details cause I could not believe that he just walked in there and ask Torch to get someone to sing me a song. Well, he just simply did. 

Thank you so much to Torch for this wonderful experience. And of course, to Gwen and Melanie who were both game to actually sing us a song. They truly know how to make their customers feel extra special. Again, thank you! 

It was a rainy and cold night during our visit but Torch truly knows how to provide warmth to our hungry tummies and heart.

Keep the Fire Burning Torch! :)

Torch Restaurant 
63 Connecticut St.,
Greenhills, San Juan