February 27, 2012

Yen Yen 圓圓- Taiwan Street Food

Heard a lot of raves about Yen Yen from friends and relatives but it was only last week that we got to try it out. We often pass by this place along Granada St. but never really had the chance to stop and dine. Plus, it seems that parking is a challenge on weekends. 

Luckily, parking was not a problem for us on a Wednesday night. We entered the place with our voucher on hand. It includes 2 glasses of their Green Tea Iced Tea (P28/glass), 2 orders of Pork Chop Rice (P98) and an order of their Taiwan Sotanghon (P168) good for 2-3 persons.

The place was just a small area which can accommodate around 5-6 groups or 20-25 people. 

Their Green Iced Tea was surprisingly good. It was different from other iced tea we tried before. This one had a sharper green tea taste and flavor which I like. 

Then came the Pork Chop Rice which was smaller than I expected. I thought it was like Tasty's Pork Chop which was flat and crispy thin. This one wasn't. 

But taste wise, it didn't disappoint. I love how crispy the skin was yet leaving the meat so tender and juicy. A familiar taste hit me on the first bite. It was just like Ersao's Spicy Pork without the spice which was a favorite of mine during high school. Then I remembered that Ersao also serves specialties from Taiwan. So that explains the similarities in taste. The sweet and spicy sauce that came with it was also a perfect match. 

Last to be served was the Taiwan Sotanghon Noodles. Serving was really big and it looked so appetizing. The noodles were clear and glossy with mushroom toppings and assorted veggies. 

I love how chewy the noodles were just like Chapchae. It was not the usual sotanghon I was accustomed of eating. This one was really al dente and texture was silky perfect. However, I found this dish a little bland. It would have been better if they added more flavors to fully maximize the use of the noodles. 

We also got an additional order of their Spicy Wontons/6pcs (P88)

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the size of the dumplings. It was small and the wrapper was soggy, it wasn't that spicy either. D said paying for P15 a piece wasn't worth it. 

Their Menu:

Overall, I'd still come back for their pork chop rice and green tea iced tea. There are many choices from their menu that I would still love to try out. Yen yen is truly a great place to dine especially for those on a budget but are gearing away from fast food chains. 

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food
96 Granada St.(Gilmore Ave.)
Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City
Tel Num: 345-32-19