March 29, 2012

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant-Asian Cusine with a Twist

Don't you just love fusion restaurants? I do. Not only because we get to choose different cuisines in just one restaurant but also because it is the perfect go-to place whenever I'm not craving for anything specific. 

Thank God for the day we've discovered Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant. We've been here several times and never was a time were we dissatisfied.

The green and white theme of the place gives off this cool and relaxed feeling of dining. Photos of some food selections are hung on the wall giving their diners an idea of what the dishes would look like. Their menu also includes beautiful photos of the food which is a big help for me in choosing what items to order. 

Now for the food: 

They really have a lot of choices on their menu

One thing not to miss in Asian Twist is their Bibimbop. We did not expect much of it since this was not a Korean restaurant we went into. 

Served in a hot stone bowl of rice and assorted toppings, Asian Twist has by far the best Bibimbop I have tasted. 

You may choose from different flavors ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino style bibimbop whatever suits your taste. 

On our first visit, we got the Fish Fillet and Vegetarian Bibimbop.

It will be served hot on your table and the waiter would gladly assist you in mixing up the bowl. 

Fish Fillet Bibimbop (P220)- fried cream dory fish drizzled with sauce on top of a hot steaming rice with assorted vegetables and egg

Vegetarian Bibimbop (P220)- crispy tofu, seasoned togue, kimchi, spinach topped with egg

Their bibimbop consist of korean chili paste but if you are not a fan of spicy food, you may ask the waiters to place the chili paste on a separate dish.

Both flavors were equally good. I love how the the rice underneath would turn toasted and crispy. It had this sweet sauce that went well with the rice when you mix it.

Serving was big and could be shared by two people already. But, for me, it was so good that I was able to finish the whole order by myself.

On our latest visit, we got to try some of their appetizers, salad and soup.

Crispy Oriental Salad (P175)- lettuce, bacon, pik-nik, carrots, cucumber and cheese in honey mustard dressing

Fresh greens with bacon bits, carrots and cucumber strips tossed in honey mustard dressing topped with generous serving of grated cheese and crunchy shoestring potatoes (Pik-Nik).

Cream Carlo Soup (Family Size P285)- creamy soup with meat, mushrooms and onions

I love this soup. They used to have a single order for this at P65 per bowl but now, it is only available in family size which is already good for 4-5 people.

The soup is so thick and creamy with a rich buttery and milky flavor. A must-try!

Mini Jane's Pajion (P55)- Crunchy and savory korean pancake with cured meat, kimchi and leeks

Not bad for its price but nothing really exceptional. I just love how crispy the pancake was.

This time we ordered their Sukiyaki Beef Bibimbop (P220)- thinly sliced beef sukiyaki with assorted veggies and kimchi topped with egg

Beef Brisket Bibimbop (P220)- tender beef brisket cubes with assorted veggies topped with egg

One thing I've noticed about our bibimbop orders was the amount of sauce in it. It was so saucy which was good but it just didn't go well with everything. It's as if we're just eating beef topping rice instead of bibimbop. 

I'd recommend getting the classic orders or those without much sauce for a more authentic bibimbop experience. 

Another item to try out is their Sesame Rice Tuna Tataki, unfortunately it is always unavailable every time we visit. :( Shout out to Asian Twist! Please bring it back! :) 

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant
101 N.S Amoranto cor.
Speaker Perez,Quezon City
7112248, 5591477