March 19, 2012

Bugis- Freshly Made Singapore Street Food

Ever had that feeling of watching the Asian Food Channel and you just wanted to go to Singapore and try their hawker food? Well, I had..Several times. 

Singapore is known for its hawker stalls and centers that sell a variety of inexpensive and delicious street food. There's just something in street food that always piques my interest just like here , here and here.

We've already tried Thai and Taiwanese street food, and now it's time for some Singaporean delights.

Recently discovered a new restaurant along Nicanor Roxas near Banawe called Bugis- named after a street in Singapore famous for affordable goods and inexpensive mouth-watering hawker food. 

An order of their Singaporean Laksa is a must in Bugis. Served in a hot steamboat, it comes with different toppings such as eggs, shrimp, tofu, sprouts, and some of their main products from Singapore- DODO Seafood products. 

Singaporean Laksa (P180)-  smooth and thick rice noodles in rich and spicy coconut-based soup

We love how it was placed in a steamboat with fire constantly burning underneath to keep everything warm. It was actually boiling the moment it was served to us.

An order of their Laksa could already be shared by 2-3 people. You may request for some extra soup since it dries up easily due to the continuous boiling.

We filled our bowls with the smooth and chewy rice noodles followed by a variety of Dodo products such as fish tofu, lobster balls, fish balls, crab fingers and fish cakes. There were lots of toppings to try out that we found their bowl too small for everything. You had to be extra careful in getting the noodles underneath the pile of seafood goodness else they might just jump out of the sea 

The velvety texture of the coconut-based curry soup adds a distinctive richness and milkiness to the dish. A perfect fusion of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness in a bowl without the heavy feeling and bloatedness afterwards. 

We've learned that they actually got some tips from Tao Yuan Restaurant which serves one of the best-tasting laksa in the country. Their cooks were also trained in Singapore to come up with an authentic taste of the classic Singaporean Laksa.

Beef in Teriyaki Sauce (P135)

D was very hungry during our visit so he ordered this rice topping. And I'm just glad that he did. The beef teriyaki was surprisingly good. It had this extra sweet teriyaki glaze that tasted similar to that of a Korean Bulgogi. I can't help but have myself a few spoonfuls. Atop the dish were 3 pieces of their golden fish balls and a fried egg.

Golden Fishballs in Curry (P25)

These are not your ordinary fish balls. These are exceptionally chewy and bouncy fish balls imported from Singapore. We love how bouncy these fish balls were but we did not like the curry base much.

Fish Tofu (P35)

Their fish tofu tasted better. It had the same springy texture just like the fish balls but this time, we dipped it in their sauces- sweet sauce, chili sauce and peanut sauce.

We both love the sweet sauce. I would dip mine first into the peanut sauce and then the sweet sauce for a nutty and buttery taste.

Breaded Lobster Cheese (P100)

A piece of their breaded lobster cheese cost P25, but if you order 5 pieces, each would just cost you P20. 

These are like fish sticks with cheese surprise. They were perfectly crisp and crunchy outside but soft and bouncy inside. 

At first we thought that mozzarella cheese was inside but turns out, it had this tenuous consistency of cream filling. We loved it just the same. 

Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich-Blueberry (P45)

We couldn't let our visit to Bugis pass without trying their Singaporean Ice Cream Sandwich.

It was basically a block of flavored ice cream sandwiched between two slices of bread. 


Another recommendation we got was their Milky Fruit Shakes (P79/small, P95/large)

I ordered for an apple shake that was freshly prepared upon order. I find my shake too liquidy though as if I was just sipping on a juice drink. Taste wise, it was sweet, milky and you can actually taste the distinctive apple flavor and freshness of the fruit shake. 

Some of their Dodo products on sticks:

Bugis Menu:

Bugis Singapore Street Food is something new and unique to try out. It's also a great place to have some light dinner or late night snack since they are open until 12 midnight. We'll definitely go back again for their laksa, try out other ice cream and shake flavors and more of their Num Nums for our hungry tums! :)

 Bugis Singapore Street Food
81-A Nicanor Roxas Street
Banawe Quezon City