March 6, 2012

Everything at Steak- Family Steakhouse

The first time I have tried Everything at Steak, I was quite surprised with their extensive menu. I was expecting to see only T-bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye and other usual steak for grilling that I could think of. But no, those are not the only food they serve. 

I was also impressed with the place. It was neat and dainty as opposed to my initial notion of what a steakhouse should look like. It was bright and cozy with a warm homey ambiance. 

Starting off with their salad- the classic Caesar's Salad (P125) was a mix of fresh lettuce, bacon bits, croutons and cheese in honey mustard dressing. Nothing extraordinary but at least the greens were fresh and crunchy.

Country Squash Soup (P120)- Freshly pureed squash with thick and creamy consistency topped with toasted bread, melted cheese and bacon bits.

This one lacked some flavors on it. A dash of pepper perhaps? 

Chicken Wings (P225)-Their wings were crispy and juicy, however, I felt that the sauce tasted like bbq and ketchup, with the latter overpowering the flavors. I didn't mind though cause it was sweet and saucy at least and the wings were quite chunky too. 

Burger (P145)- a 1/3 pound beef burger in oatmeal bun with lettuce, tomatoes, relish, onions and cheese.

This one was not worth its price. The burger was too small for a 1/3 pound. Honestly, the first thing that came into my mind was Burger Machine cause it has this same familiar smell when you pass by a stand. Good thing it came with a side of crispy fries. 

Rib Eye (P190)- an order of their grilled meat comes with a cup of rice, your choice of flavor, sauce and siding.  

We got the Original Marinade, and Original Mushroom Gravy with a siding of Mac n' Cheese.

Serving wasn't as big as I expected but taste wise, it was good. It had this smokey grilled flavor and the meat was tender too. 

The Mac n' Cheese wasn't great though. It tasted like macaroni in slightly bland cheese sauce. It wasn't too cheesy and tasted more like cream.

Everything at Steak Menu:

For me, this place was a so-so. I'd recommend ordering for what they are known for-Steak.

Everything at Steak
939 Banawe St. Brgy. Manresa,
Quezon City