April 20, 2012

Akiba Cafe- A Taste of Love in SM Megamall

Akiba Cafe- Simple but unique, a name that exudes originality and authenticity for a Japanese Cafe. 

Akihabara which is known as the electronic district of Tokyo, Japan is where Akiba Cafe got its name. 

Opened July of last year, this young and sophisticated cafe in SM Megamall Bldg A vastly generated a great number of loyal customers from coffee aficionados, tea drinkers and even regular shoppers who just can't seem to miss out this little hub for some Japanese delights. 

Starting off with their best seller for hot drinks is the Nutty Macadamia Kohi (P120)

A blend of roasted coffee and macadamia then finished off with sprinkles of sesame seeds, this drink is an example of a perfect cup of coffee. The smooth texture and mellow sweet flavor of the latte calms the senses that gives a relaxing peace of mind.

Akiba Cafe also offers a wide range of cake choices that changes almost everyday. The fact that their cakes solds out fast shows that each has its own character of flavors. 

Tiramisu (P120)

Tiramisu plays the Simple character. Not the usual Tiramisu I've tried before which has a strong coffee flavor. This one was more on the light airy mousse like kind of cream cake. Light and smooth, the best Tiramisu cake I've had so far. 

Sweet Potato Cake (P130)

Sweet Potato Cake is the Adventurer of the group. A unique twist to the classic cakes we normally have. A bold and daring take on this creation that sets Akiba Cafe apart from other coffee shops.

Initially, I thought that I wouldn't like this slice. Curiously, I dug my fork for a bite and surprisingly, it was good. It was rich and filling with fresh sweet potato bits still incorporated into it. 

Double Choco Mousse (P130)

Confident and Sexy best describes Double Choco Mousse. This rich and sweet slice of chocolate goodness has all it takes to capture every heart of chocolate lovers. And that extra sizzle of chocolate syrup added to a much stronger appeal. 

Green Tea Cheesecake (P130)

The Cool and Popular kid on the block. Boasting to be one of the best-selling cakes in Akiba, Green Tea Cheesecake has been a consistent player on the chillers. Just a heads up though, this kid solds out fast so better visit Akiba Cafe early and you might even get to avail of their afternoon cake delight promo.

Last but not the least, a princess that deserves a Royal treatment. The Blueberry Cream Cake (P120) is characterized by layers of soft sponge cake and blueberry cream with real blueberry bits. Topped with shavings of white chocolate and cream, this is a light slice that will leave you craving for more. 

Now, for their Most Wanted Trifle Drinks "Better Than Your Usual Tea"

Matcha Trifle Tea (P90/P100)

I got the Matcha Trifle Tea which was a perfect choice for me. Best recommended to drink without straw, the first few sips were all about their trifle cream. Reminded me more of Happy Lemon's Rock Salt with Cheese, only this version was less salty and creamier. The moment I got into the layer of the green tea mixture, a strong authentic taste of matcha kicks in that blended well with the trifle cream. 

Signature Trifle Kohi (P90/P100) and Chai Trifle Tea (P90/P100)

The Signature Trifle Kohi is a coffee version for their Trifle drink for those who prefer coffee based beverages. The Chai Trifle Tea of the other hand was a blend of black tea and milk spiced with  cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor of this drink came out strong though but the trifle cream helped in neutralizing the spice. 

The best part of all is an additional shot of their Trifle Cream (P30) 

How I wish I knew the recipe for this and make myself one everyday. It would be the best pair for a warm cup of coffee or tea at home. 

Macadamia Yogurt Chiru (P140)

We also got to try their Ice Blended Macadamia Yogurt Drink which had a playful sweet and tangy taste. It's something to order when you're craving for a refreshingly sweet and fruity drink.

Akiba's friendly and accommodating staff- Kristian and Madel who were kind enough to answer all our questions and briefly explained everything we need to know about Akiba Cafe. Thank you so much for the great service! :) 

Akiba Cafe was also awarded by Top Brand Awards as 2011 Best-Tasting Japanese Milk Tea Store.

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Overall, I would say that I finally found a new place to chill whenever we're in Megamall. Hopefully, Akiba Cafe would open branches soon :)

Read more about Akiba Cafe here:

Akiba Cafe
2/F SM Megamall Bldg. A,
EDSA cor. J. Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong


  1. i wanna try that green te cheesecake! must go and check it out soon~

  2. Mai_FloresApril 20, 2012

    Waaah! two in a row -- your post and Stacy's!!! Nom-Nom! I should try Akiba real soon, after reading both of your posts. By the way, I had the whole Foodie Circle group linked to my new food blog now [sinigangjunkie.blogspot]. That's how good your food reviews are. Fan here! =)

  3. love the greentea cheesecake. it was rich but not too heavy! :) 

  4. Thank you so much Mai! :) really means a lot to us :) 

  5. TheHouseofJCJEEApril 20, 2012

    I am known for being a cake addict! I wanna try all of them -- Tiramisu, Double Choco Mousse, and Blueberry Cream Cake. Mouth-watering. Looks so yummy!  

  6. Wow!! I will have to try this soon. I love coffee, anywhere and anytime of the day. haha!! Those cakes, gosh!! 

  7. I may have to sneak out of the office for their afternoon cake delight. Lapit lang ng office ko dito!

  8. I think I BADLY need to check Akiba.. seems I'm the only one who's left behind.. haha.. their cakes looks really delicious. :)

  9. the yoghurt drink seems delish! we'll check Akiba out soon too =)

  10. D ba sweet potato is kamote?  =(

  11. yup! it's actually kamote.. surprisingly, it's good! :) But not the usual sweet cakes we're used to :) 

  12. go try them out during their afteroon delight promo para P99 lang per slice. :)

  13. It's really a place to love!  I super enjoyed grabe.  Can't believe you came back the next day too haha!

  14. Wow Mai! Thank you so much! =D 

  15. My little boy saw your food photos and he told me "mommy let's go there, I want cake".  yeah! they all looks so delicious.

  16. It could be a bit heavy if you pair it with Match Trifle Tea. At least that how I felt with matcha + matcha =D

  17. Ronelly_rdbApril 20, 2012

    This post made me want to go the nearest bakeshop! I want some cakes! :) Which among the cakes you liked best? :)

  18. Stephanie MayoApril 20, 2012

    Your post had made me drool. Haha. I LOVE coffee, and I'd like to try that nutty macadamia kohi!  And that tiramisu looks positively sinful! Oh my...

  19. I'm biased towards cheesecakes so I must say the green tea cheesecake. :) haha! But if you want something light, go for the tiramisu :)

  20. yaniconquistadoraApril 21, 2012

    That sweet potato cake is a must try. Oh!!!!! Looks heavenly delicious.

  21. Green tea cake? seriously? Does it taste good? he choco mouse looks delicious! :9

  22. rockstarmommaApril 21, 2012

    awww.. Megamall is just a stone's throw away from where we live..  and boy, those cakes look delish!  Craving for cakes right now.. or anything sweet. I need sugar. haha

  23. Yes! I love green tea and cheesecake so this one's perfect for me haha! :)

  24. uuuuuuuuuuy!!!! i wanna try those trifle drinks!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. everything looks interesting. i especially wanna try the one with sesame seeds. 

  26. I'll go there for the coffee. ;) Thanks, I didn't know about this.


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