April 27, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings- Eat All you Can Wings

We are such fans of buffalo wings that when a deal of an eat-all-you can buffalo wings came up, I immediately got ourselves 2 vouchers for Buffalo Wild Wings.

The place was not that hard to find since we've seen it before several times. Or maybe anything with the word "Buffalo Wings" really catches our attention. 

The place had this red and white theme from their tables to the chairs that reminded me of The Real Thing Diner that used to be in Il Terrazzo.

Menu was given to us the moment we sat down on the couch area. There's not a lot of choices but we didn't mind since we're only here for their wings and their wings ONLY. 

We've figured that ordering other dishes might make us immediately full hence letting us consume less wings which is definitely not a good idea right?

We first ordered for their Picolo and 5-Star wings.

Honestly, it was hard to tell the difference between the two orders since both were very much alike. 

Then again, it's basically the same. One is just spicier than the other.

The only thing we noticed was the sizes of their wings. 

Small, Medium , Large
There's the smallest of the small, some medium sized wings and even big wings. Not that it really matters since we can order more if we want to.

For people who doesn't like spicy food, ordering the Picolo is recommended. 

It was not too spicy and has a sweeter taste.

Moving on, we got the Super-Lolo and Good-Bye Philippines

This time, I'd say that the wings were spicy. We had to eat them together with the cup of rice that was included in the deal.

The Super-Lolo was spicy but still tolerable since I like spicy wings.

The Good-Bye Philippines was spicy but not as spicy as the one we tried in Charlie's. This one was hot but manageable. 

I ordered for their Bleu Cheese which was unfortunately unavailable, so we settled for the Creamy Cheese instead. 

I was disappointed with their dip. Aside from the fact that it came in 2 small cups which cost P50, the cheese itself was not creamy at all. It was like cream cheese diluted to make 2 small dips.

And while we were enjoying our buffalo wings, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was playing on the TV screen.

Guilty? Nah! Sorry didn't work for us haha! :D

We still managed to order another set of their Picolo and 5-Star

All in all, we consumed about 36 pieces of wings together. Not bad for the price we paid.

Although, I would prefer if they had more choices of sauces, the price of P199 each was certainly a great steal!

Buffalo Wild Wings
Unit F, Timog Ave. Corner
Panay Ave., Quezon City
Contact Number: 565-2812
Facebook Page: Buffalo Wild Wings Restobar