April 3, 2012

Saizen (Daiso) Philippines- Shopping Spree with Carizza Chua

"Saizen is a one stop shop for everything you need. From home decors to kitchen supplies, from office tools to various school materials. Saizen offers all our basic necessities. And of course, let’s not forget that they also offer delicious snacks and treats that you can only find in Saizen. Being a Japanese brand, there’s assurance of their product’s durability and quality at really affordable prices. Plus, the colorful and creative designs of their products entice customers to grab themselves some of Saizen’s finest goods. And shopping with Carizza would be the cherry on top of this incredible spree!"

That's my winning entry to Carizza Chua's Saizen Shopping Spree Giveaway. I was really surprised and at the same time excited the moment I saw that I won this contest. Another awesome gift for my birthday! :)

Went to Saizen's biggest branch at Robinson's Galleria to do our shopping spree with Carizza and two other winners of her giveaway, Krischia and Liz. 

This was after the Galleria robbery last week but we still braved that incident and finally found ourselves in front of the big Saizen store. 

After they handed out my P3000 worth of GCs to be used at Saizen, I'm all set to start my shopping spree.

Saizen is truly a one-stop-shop for everything you need. The setup of the store is arranged categorically making the shopping experience easier and organized. 

Some of their sections include:
-Food                                              -Health and Beauty           -Cosmetics                                    
-Household-Tableware                       -Gardening                         -Pet Supplies
-Kitchen Storage, Tools & Supply      -Toys                                -Tools
-Interior and Home Decoration           -Office and Stationery        -Fashion and Accessories

Food and Imported Treats

Starting off from the food section which I love the most, I carefully checked each product and see if anything interests me. (As if anything related to food would not catch my interest)

Saizen offers delicious snacks and treats imported from Japan. Most if not all were unfamiliar to me since you won't normally see these treats from your local supermarkets. Only in Saizen! :) 

Kitchen and Dining Wares

The kitchen and dining section is a great place to find some cute and unique dinner wares for your home.

Ranging from glass wares such as plates, mugs, cups and bowls to condiment bottles and food storage containers.

They also have these cute Japanese style plastic plates and bowls for a Japanese-inspired dinner in the comfort of your home.

Home Decors and Household Supplies

Saizen also offers various household supplies and decors from liquid soaps, hand wash, detergents, room spray, to mats, curtains, bathroom decors and other household necessities. You name it, Saizen got it! :)

Health and Beauty

A must stop for girls is their health and beauty section that has kikay stuffs and fancy beauty tools for everyday use. 

Fashion and Accessories

Yes, Saizen also has a fashion corner which has a lot of fashionable finds such as scarves, belts, slippers, socks, gloves etc.. Most of the items are unique and one of a kind. 

After finishing all the different sections, we went back to the food aisle to grab more treats and snacks. 

Finally, our shopping spree was done. 

The Winners
with Carizza
Now, for my loot :)

Gadgets and Technology
An SD card reader to import photos from my camera to the computer faster :) 

Fashion and Accessories
Got myself a cute baby pink fleece scarf and plaid gloves just in case we will be travelling somewhere cold. 

Home Decors and Household Supplies
Got 3 big bottles of anti-bacterial hand soap, room spray, scented aromatic oils, an orange ceramic vase, a floor mat and some condiment bottles. I must say that the hand soap is quite a deal so I got 3 bottles of it immediately.

Health and Beauty
Some kikay stuff I found interesting :) A foaming Sweet Pea hand sanitizer, face washing brush, wet tissues, a huge mirror, nail polish, waterproof mascara and fancy rings.

Saizen Food Treats
And last,  but certainly not the least, a lot of Japanese treats! Some blueberry candies, royal milk tea, meiji choclates, katsu sauce, mango jelly, rice crackers, and mixed nuts.

This was truly a memorable experience. Thank you Saizen and thank you Carizza! :) 
I'll definitely be back for more soon! :) 

Before I forget, Saizen offers everything in their store for only P85!! Isn't that a great deal? With Saizen, everything you buy is definitely worth it! :)