April 1, 2012

TLC Chowdown Challenge- Man Vs. Food in the Philippines

Are you familiar with Adam Richman's Man Vs. Food? It is basically a US TV program about a man who travels around the country on a quest to face off against a food challenge at a local restaurant. Well, it just landed here in the Philippines. Brought to you by Discovery Channel's Travel & Living Channel (TLC), you too can experience a one of a kind gastronomic battle.

There are 3 challenges offered where one can participate in:

-Sbarro's Great White Pizza Challenge 
Finish the 18-inches(4-pound) full serving of Sbarro's NY Style White Pizza in the allotted time of 15 minutes. 

-Gerry's Grill Platter Meal Challenge 
Finish Gerry's Grill Platter meal of Crispy Pata, Sisig, Pinaputok na Cream Dory and Rice within 10 minutes. 

-Gong Cha's Milk Tea Challenge 
Finish Gong Cha's 1 liter Milk Tea with Pearl in 30 seconds.

Visit your nearest participating branch or their Facebook page for more inquiries regarding the complete mechanics.
*terms and conditions apply
Hurry! The challenge will run until April 15, 2012. 

Last March 29, I got an invite to the relaunch of the TLC Chowdown along with media people and bloggers at Tomas Morato to experience first hand this amazing food challenge. 

D registered as one of the challengers to finish a whole order of Crispy Pata in 5 minutes. Yes. One whole order of crispy pata from Gerry's Grill which our family normally order for sharing. 

Here are the challengers initializing on how to finish that whole Crispy Pata. 

And let the chowdown begin.. And may the odds be ever in your favor :)

On Your Mark, Get Set.. Go!

Around 10 participants joined but only 1 reigned supreme. 

It was a right decision that D and I went to this event. Aside from meeting new friends and chowing down on great food from Gerry's Grill menu items, D actually won the battle. I was surprised that he won since I myself did not expect that he would eat that whole order of Crispy Pata. 

But then again, he did and went home with various prizes and gcs from TLC and Gerry's Grill. But aside from that, the grand prize that he gets to take home was Pride and Honor with extra bragging rights on the side.

Mr. Jacque Ruby, head of Discovery Channel, awarded D with his winning prizes.

Here's D giving his winning speech which I guess he already practiced on our way there. Talk about confidence and fighting spirit :)

Overall, the event was truly a memorable one. It was an experience we would treasure and have fun looking back on.

So if you want to experience this one of a kind experience too, visit the participating branches and you might just be the Chowdown Winner to bring home fantabulous prizes and ultimate bragging rights. 

The top 3 winners for each participating branch will advance to the Final Chowdown Challenge happening on April 22, 2012 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. 

Sbarro, Gerry's Grill and Gong Cha will again provide the challenger meals to be served on the big day. 

This time, the challengers will compete to finish half of the 18-inches Great White Pizza from Sbarro, 500ml Milk Tea with pearl Jelly from Gong Cha, and half a serving of Crispy Pata from Gerry's Grill. They must finish all these food in the allotted time of 1 hour.

The top 3 challengers who finish the meal in the fastest time will be crowned the winners of the Final Chowdown Challenge.

And they will win these prizes awesome prizes:

1st prize- Cash worth P15,000.00 and GC from the partner resto worth P25,000.00
2nd prize- Cash worth P10,000.00 and GC from the partner resto worth P15,000.00
3rd prize- Cash worth P5,000.00 and GC from the partner resto worth P10,000.00

So, all foodies out there, this is an event you shouldn't miss. Rush to the nearest participating branches now!