July 24, 2012

Jawbreaking Day at Zark's Burgers Taft- Spam, Bacon, Triple Patty and Cheese

I admit, I'm not into burgers. Beef burgers to be specific. It's not that I don't eat burgers but as much as possible I try to stay away from the guilt that I'd be feeling afterwards. 

But when I received an invitation for Jawbreaker Day at Zarks's from The Pickiest Eater himself, I just couldn't say no.

The Jawbreaker Day is a momentous event at Zark's wherein they sell their Jawbreaker Burger for  an affordable price of P150 instead of the regular price P250.

They also have this Jawbreaker Challenge wherein customers who would be able to finish this burger in 5 minutes get it for FREE and of course they also get unlimited bragging rights. 

You see, I'm more of a sidekick than a superhero. I've pushed and encouraged friends to join various eating challenges and I was there cheering for moral support as they participated in the respective challenges. Yes, I was the annoying "friend" who became more like a distraction than a motivator. The one documenting and laughing her heart out with the ridiculous looks of her friends. >:) 

Never in my life have I imagined that one day, I'll become the superhero who'll be digging into this triple patty burger with spam, bacon and cheese at Zark's Burger in Taft. 

Throw away the forks and knives 'cause you have to eat this huge 5-inch tall burger the fun and proper way- with your bare hands.  

To break down this humongous and jawbreaking burger, let me start with the soft burger bun that was a bit drenched in the savory patty juices. 

A layer of lettuce and sliced tomatoes is followed by a triple layer of heart pounding, blood pumping, artery blocking and pulse stopping cheeseburger goodness. 

Think you've had enough of this jaw-dropping burger? Think again. Strips of bacon and thick slices of spam finished off this incredible and "heavenly" burger. 

It also comes with generous serving of fries to compliment your meal. 

Best word to describe this burger is UNPRETENTIOUS. Zark's burgers are nothing fancy and are very straightforward. What you see is what you get. You wouldn't hear about "healthy burger", "low calorie burger" or "no trans fat burger" 'cause I guess it just doesn't exist in Zark's Burgers vocabulary.

The Jawbreaker burger was quite good with its soft and juicy burger patties oozing with melted cheese on each layer. Each patty was generously seasoned with pepper that gave the burger some hint of spiciness on it.

I wasn't able to finish my burger but I guess I did a great job in having just a small portion of leftover on my plate given that I'm no burger fan.

Did I feel guilty afterwards? I would initially say yes (I think I gained 5 lbs) but then again, there's a huge part of me that wasn't guilty at all.

Lip smacking triple patty cheeseburger+spam+bacon+great company of friends+awesome and one of a kind experience = FREE!

Now who would be guilty about that right?

Zark's Burgers
2/F Archer's Nook Bldg. (infront of DLSU, above Yellow Cab) 
2464 Taft Ave.,Malate, Manila
Tel Num:  0923-737-2517


  1. Glad you made it!! See you soon :) 

  2. Glad to see you again, Berylle! See you again soon! :)

  3. glad to see you again michy! :) see you! :)

  4. see you again richie! :) thanks! :) 

  5. You did well congrats!  Greatest burger moment ever e noh? =D

  6. Can't believe you got in! Saw the line and it was SO LONG. :) The burger looks really delicious, but I don't think I would ever be able to finish it. Haha! 

  7. Tin | The Average JaneJuly 26, 2012

    Looks sinful.  Doubt if I'd ever have the guts to try it out?  I pity my arteries.  Hehehe!  =)

  8. It was nice to finally meet you! Congrats on your progress on the burger :D 

    *Hello Arvin! hahaha :D mababasa ka nya eto? hehe*

  9. How do get the invitation?

  10. Helen gatbontonMarch 17, 2015

    grabe..laki ng burger,nakakagutom talaga as in


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