November 13, 2012

Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill- Street-Style Korean Barbecue in A.Venue Mall, Makati

Recently tried this new Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant in A.Venue Mall, Makati called Ba-Be-QBa-Be-Q is a month old Korean grill house that specializes in Korean grill favorites that suits the Filipino taste. With just more than a month of operations, it already gained a number of loyal customers and fans who keeps coming back for their barbecue specialties.  

What makes Ba-Be-Q different from other Korean restaurants is that they specializes in barbecue alone and most of the food items in their menu are for grilling and freshly served on your table.

The ambiance is also not your typical Korean restaurant with modern interiors and bright lights. Ba-Be-Q has this Korean street style barbecue concept that's dim, rustic and very casual with graffiti drawings on the wall. Here's a simple video to share our Ba-Be-Q grilling experience. 

The staple Korean appetizer-Kimchi, was served on the table as a starter while waiting for our orders.

Followed by a hot soybean soup, leeks, unlimited lettuce/sesame leaf and different types of sauces for our barbecue.

Korean Sweet Beef Ribs (P480)

We decided to start with the Korean Beef Ribs marinated in sweet sauce. I am a fan of sweet food and this would be my personal favorite. The beef was marbled and marinated perfectly making the meat so tender, sweet and juicy.

Lean Pork (290)

Now this one is quite interesting.. it is called Lean Pork but as our server cooked the meat for us and we tried it out, it actually tasted like beef. It wasn't sweet as the beef ribs but it made the natural meat flavor to come out after every bite. Texture was also tender that reminds me of beef teppanyaki. 

Boneless Chicken Barbecue (P250)

One of Ba-Be-Q's most ordered dish is this plate of the classic Filipino grill favorite- Boneless Chicken Barbecue. With its marinade somewhat similar to the sweet beef ribs, no doubt it was a best-seller as the flavors perfectly suits the Filipino taste. 

Pork Jowl (P250) 

Move away pork belly, there's a new challenger in town. Pork Jowl or jowl bacon comes from the neck/cheek part of a pig with streaks similar to that of bacon. This is actually famous in Korea where the owner first tasted it and decided to offer it in Ba-Be-Q.

So what's the difference between bacon and this pork jowl? Aside from the part where it was taken, bacon when grilled or fried tends to have a crunchier texture. Pork jowl on the other hand when grilled produces a dense and chewy texture like that of a tendon. 

Now, what's their similarity? Both are actually sinfully delicious! I love the chewy texture of the fat without being too oily on the mouth. It actually tasted like chicharon with aromatic flavors coming out from every slice. A Must-Try!!! 

Pair everything up with the perfect Korean drink Soju (P200) and expect a night of good food and good times with friends and families at Ba-Be-Q. 

Ba-Be-Q Menu:

Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill
Ground Floor (beside Coffee Bean) A. Venue Mall,
Makati Ave, Makati City