December 11, 2012

ChaLife Milk Tea- Relaxingly Hot, Refreshingly Cold!

Good news milk tea fanatics! Now, you may enjoy your favorite milk tea beverage at the comforts of your home with the new ChaLife Milk Tea Powdered Drink Mix

One sachet of ChaLife Milk Tea weighs 20 grams and could fill a 230ml glass. Yes, that's greater than other milk tea powder mix available in the market. ChaLife Milk Tea is available in 7-11 storesLandmarkWaltermart, and other leading supemarkets for only P7.50 per sachet or P44.00 per box of 6's. 

We were treated to a nail spa session last month at Nail It Salon- Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas, courtesy of the people behing ChaLife Milk Tea. It was a simple and casual event where bloggers were able to try the new Chalife Milk Tea drink while enjoying their nail spa services. 

We were asked to choose the services we want to avail and I ended up choosing the manicure w/ nail polish. My attendant started to clean my nails, moisturized my hands and then applied my chosen nail polish. 

Nail it Salon has a wide variety of nail polish colors to choose from and they also have nail art services which you can avail for a very reasonable price. 

I went for the frosted pink shade Peachy Parrot which looked really girly and chic. 

Fellow bloggers Stacy and Sumi also availed the manicure service and both loved their newly done nails as well. 

Other bloggers availed of the pedicure treatment while others got themselves a foot spa service. 

Now moving on with ChaLife Milk Tea, we were able to bring a box home and I decided to make one for myself recently. I wanted to see if it still has the same great taste as the one we've tried before.

True enough, preparing my glass was very easy and the taste was consistent to what we've tasted before. It has the perfect blend of milk and tea which was very refreshing, creamy and not too sweet (which is a huge plus for me). We were told during the launch that the ratio for the milk tea is 40% tea and 60% milk which is actually based on studies conducted on what will suit the Filipino taste. 

ChaLife Milk Tea could be prepared hot for a relaxing day ahead, or icy cold for a refreshing way to beat the heat! And for an affordable price of just P7.50 per glass, I think I would be skipping a few (or a lot) trips to my favorite milk tea places. 

ChaLife Milk Tea