April 3, 2013

Primero Casa Filipino- Filipino Buffet on a Budget in Quezon City

I must admit, I'm no fan of Filipino cuisine. It's just that I've been to some Filipino buffet restaurants before and most of them make me "not-a-good-kind-of-way" full. Yes, they serve a lot of dishes, but most are mediocre if not so oily. 

Recently, we've been invited to try Primero Casa Filipino in Quezon City. We frequent Tomas Morato area but the name doesn't ring a bell. Turned out, the place used to be Chef Laudico's Casa Filipino, which is now under a new management. They got a new chef, but some classic favorites were retained  and tweaked a little bit. 

Entering the place would give you a notion that you've just went to a fine dining restaurant and that prices must be really expensive. Yes, they have this fine dining atmosphere with candles and wine glasses on the table, but the whole place exudes a warm and homey feeling. Plus, with a rate of P398 on weekdays and P498 during weekends, who said dining with class should be expensive?  

The buffet spread isn't as extensive but most of their dishes are of quality and taste. And I must also commend the unique style and presentation of some best-sellers like these Sisig Shooters and Egg Salad


Crisp wanton wrapper made into cups and filled with meaty sisig- pour the sauce from the shot glass and enjoy!

I loved this appetizer called Sisig Shots, the wanton remained crisp and the sisig was just sinfully good with a subtle kick of spice. 

Now this one is another winner. At first I thought they mistakenly placed the Egg Salad label on these fancy rolls. Turned out, it's like a deconstructed egg salad in crisp wanton rolls. I assure you one or two is not enough. 

I decided to skip on the Pinoy Salad Station which had carrot strips, cucumber slices, green mangoes, tomatoes and lettuce. 

Hawaiian Coleslaw and Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce

The Hawaiian Coleslaw reminds me of tropical summer while sipping on pineapple juice- Love it! 

I don't eat raw oysters, but since this one was baked, I managed to eat a piece- still tasted raw though. 

Baked Aubergine & Cumin, Mustasa Wrap, Steamed Tofu Cake, Lumpiang Shanghai

Of all the appetizers above, my favorite was the Mustasa Wrap. It was something different and unique  with meat fillings inside the mustard leaves. Best to dip in honey mustard sauce for an added sweetness. 

Tomato Pizza and Stuffed Pandesal 

Didn't really want to load on carbs but I still tried the Tomato Pizza and Mushroom Stuffed Pandesal. Not a fan of the pizza 'cause I want it thin crusted, but the pandesal was pretty good with creamy shitake mushroom stuffing. 

Main Courses

Vegetable Fritata and Steamed Vegetable

Dishes for the vegetarians.. Healthy and delicious! Of course, I prefer the one with egg :) 

Fish Fillet in Pepper Adobado and Braised Chicken BBQ

What's great about the dishes here is that everything is placed over a warmer to ensure that everything is still warm when eaten. The only problem is that it tends to make the food dry. Good thing the dishes have sauces so you can at least work on that matter. 

Bicol Express Pasta

Who would have thought that Bicol Express goes well with pasta. It was creamy, a tad spicy and just plain delicious! I know that Primero Casa Filipino's dishes change regularly but I do hope that they'll have this Bicol Express Pasta again on my next visit. 

Seafood Kare-Kare and Seafood Paella

Seafood lover? Then dig in on Primero Casa Filipino's seafood dishes like this Seafood Kare Kare best paired with their Seafood Paella that is loaded with mussels, clams, squid, shrimps and more. 

And if that's not enough seafood for you then feast on these...

Buttered Shrimp and Chili Crabs

Seriously, I can't get enough of the Chili Crabs. I would have eaten more if only cracking crabs was easy as 1-2-3. 

Steamed Maya-Maya 

Roast Angus Beef and Zubuchon

For Primero Casa Filipino's carving station, pick your poison from these two mouth-watering meat goodness. Tender, juicy, succulent and savory.. What more could you ask for? 


Brownies and Rhum Balls
Native Palitaw and Tapioca w/ Langka Sauce
Suman Panna Cotta
Cherry Cake and Chocolate Fondue
Pineapple and Watermelon
Halo-Halo Shooters and Tekali Shot
For dessert, I tried almost everything from the dessert spread. My favorites are the Rhum Balls and Halo-Halo Shooters. They also have a dessert chiller where you could sample more desserts and a soft serve ice cream machine, but I was already too full to try it out. 

Overall, we had a great and tummy-filling experience in Primero Casa Filipino. Thank to Sir Kim Marcelo for inviting us over. Yes, I may not be a fan of Filipino cuisine but dining in Primero Casa Filipino was something that changed that idea even just for a day. The dishes were not oily and everything was pretty good. I would certainly recommend this place to friends and relatives. Not only do they serve great food, but their buffet prices are also very affordable. I suggest visiting during weekends because for just an additional P100, you get to feast on those Chili Crabs as much as you want.

Primero Casa Filipino
26 Scout Torillo cor. Sct. Fernandez,
Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Tel Num: 921-2448, 921-1850