May 6, 2013

Beat the Summer Heat with Gerry's Grill Summer Coolers!

What's the best way to cool down this summer? A trip to the beach, or probably a family outing to Baguio or Tagaytay. But with Gerry's Grill new Summer Coolers, you could cool down and beat the summer heat without going too far. 

Choose from 4 delightful desserts to top your dining experience in Gerry's Grill. 

Banana Boat- Gerry's take on the classic Banana Split

Banana Caramel- A scoop of ice cream topped with banana slices whisked with rum glaze and caramel sauce

Gerry's Fruit Platter- Generous serving of tropical fruits in light syrup topped with vanilla ice cream

Toasted Ice Cream- Ice cream wrapped in crispy and toasted wafer drizzled with chocolate syrup

Gerry's summer coolers are now available in all Metro Manila branches. For more details, log on to