May 22, 2013

Mezza Norte Weekend Food Night Market in Trinoma Mindanao Open Parking

Calling all foodies living in Northern Manila, the Mercato Centrale Group heard you and finally brought Mezza Norte in Trinoma's Mindanao Open Parking. From the same organizers who brought us Midnight Mercato in Bonifacio Global City and Cucina Andare in Glorietta Park, Mezza Norte promises to bring together great-tasting and affordable products and dishes not only from all time Mercato favorites but from new and upcoming food vendors as well. 

I was able to attend the grand launch of Mezza Norte in Trinoma last May 3 sampled some of the food vendors' offerings.

We started with some drinks from Edgy's Foodtrip which is one of the best-selling and affordable beverage in Mercato. There were a lot of flavors to choose from but I decided to stick with my all-time favorite Melon(P35). I love that it was semi-frozen, maintaining its refreshing and cold temperature to the last drop.

Another Mercato favorite is Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers that filled the air with its irresistible aroma.  

A new found favorite which I'm pretty sure D would also love is Schmidt's International Gourmet Hotdogs.

We decided to try their Wagamama (P130) which features their big, tender and juicy hotdog topped with Japanese Curry, Shredded Nori, Japanesae Mayo and Coleslaw. Their Coney Island Chili Dog (P145) also looked fantastic with Homemade Chili, Cheese, Jalapeno, Onion Relish and Sour Cream. I'll be sure to try that on my next visit with D. 

We also tried Joshua Tree's Hawker-Style Asian Noodles that offers different specialties such as Bruneian Kon Loh Mee, Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee, Pinoy Bulalo Mami and Malaysian Char Kway Teow

Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee and Bruneian Kon Loh Mee

The noodles were soft to the bite with flavorful toppings mixed in light yet tasty sauces. I found my Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee a bit bland though as compared to their Bruneian Kon Loh Mee and Malaysian Char Kway Teow. Nevertheless, it was a light and delicious dish to try out especially since they cook your noodles on the spot making it fresh and hot upon serving.

Next we were able to sample Little Donkey's Super Nachos (P120) that is loaded with lots of toppings and cheese sauce. But I think their freshly made Burrritos are their best-seller which you can also enjoy fried.

Another food vendor that caught my interest was Chicken Choppers because of their cute Bart Simpson top. They take pride in having the best Taiwanese chicken chops which came in bite size pieces. It was pretty good though I'm still loyal to my favorite chicken chop. :) 

If you are a fan of Master Chef Pinoy Edition, then you will definitely recognize the lovely and Sultry Chef Ivory Yat who ranked 3rd place in the competition. 

She gave us a sampler of her pasta specialties but her signature Tuyo Aglio Olio Pasta was simply the best.

Before going home, we were given samples of Roasterrific's Herbalicious Lechon and Peking Style Roasted Chicken which were equally delicious and juicy. I super love the Herbalicious Lechon which was very tender and tasty, no sauce needed! :) 

Other food vendors

Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig- tried the Veggie Meat Sisig and it was pretty good but soooo spicy!

Carlos Kitchen Crunchy Belly- a classic favorite in Mercato. Sinfully good! 

Chef Anton's U.S Roast Turkey- You can never go wrong with their Roast Beef and Turkey. D's all-time favorite! 

Takoyaki Balls- big, dense and tasty Japanese snack favorite

Hey Fishy Fishy Beer-Battered Fish & Chips 

Sinangag Trip Pampanga's Special

Dom's Food House Ilocano's Best - The Original Bagnet Rice and Lecheng Lechon- Cebu Lechon

Zeny's Kitchen and Shawarma Fusion

Chicken and Pork Kebabs and Manila Q


Cakes by K

Mio Gelati

Mochiko's Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream (P70)- Super it! Mochi ice cream with actual red velvet cake inside :) 

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream- I was able to sample all flavors and my favorites are Cookie Butter, Earl Grey Tea, Sea Salt Caramel and Butterscotch Pecan.

These are just some of the 50+ food concessionaires that you could find in Mezza Norte. I'm pretty sure all foodies would have a great time visiting the new food haven of the North. It's nice to see that the Mercato Centrale Group is actually expanding to cater to more foodies around the Metro. Who knows, another Mezza Norte might pop up in your neighborhood :) 


  1. Will go there in a bit! I love that their new venue is in Trinoma already. =)

  2. Helen gatbontonMay 16, 2014

    sarap naman jan sana may branch dito s baguio


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