May 17, 2013

My Foodgasm 2013 Second Bite Experience and Top Picks

After my first Foodgasm experience as a blogger judge, I was more than excited to attend the second bite at a bigger space and with more food concessionaires.

There were a lot of participants this year but only a few stood out for me. 

First on our list is Ping Gu Mushroom Fries.

Awarded as the "People's Choice" for that night, I couldn't agree more as their booth probably has longest line of people waiting to try those mushroom fries. 

These are basically organic oyster mushrooms in special breading and then deep fried until crispy brown. I love how crunchy it was on the outside and chewy and juicy on the inside. You could choose from four dips available: Sweet Chili, Gravy, Tomato Ketchup and Garlic Mayo. My personal choice was their sweet chili as it best complements the fried mushrooms. 

Next is Paire's Class A Amaretto Sour and Almond Slice pairing which also received the "Expert's Choice" award that night. 

The Amaretto Sour was a refreshing cocktail favorite, while the sweet and chewy Almond Slice complemented the drink. It was truly a perfect "paire"! 

Shawarma Bros' Lamb Steak Shawarma Plate also topped the list for D as he enjoyed the spoonful of biryani rice topped with juicy lamb steak, cheese, garlic yogurt and spicy sauce. It was certainly a fusion of flavors.

Speaking of fusion, I also loved Sisnarp's Street Food Fusion's Jamaisian Bacon Wrap. It was better late than never as they started to give away samples during the last few hours of the event. 

Luckily, we were still able to taste their dish and it was actually pretty good. It was bursting with spices and flavors of chicken, bacon, garlic, ginger and tomato saffron sauce. Yummy!

Another savory dish that we loved was Frabelle Foods Mini Pies

The mini pies were topped with different Frabelle Food products which went perfectly well together.We just loved this so much that one piece was not enough.

As for the drinks, Lipdip Milkshake got a unanimous vote from us. Well, they were basically the only  concessionaire serving drinks aside from the Amaretto Sour from Paire so I guess everybody really loved the sweet and creamy cooler. 

And of course, we saved the best for last with New Zealand Natural's Premium Ice Cream. It was so hot during the event and it was just the perfect dessert to cool down. 

I chose my favorite Macadamia Supreme which I got to taste during the Ultimate Taste Test 10.0 in Rockwell. It was still the same full-flavored, sweet and creamy ice cream I fell in love with. D, who's not much into coffee got himself their Cafe Espresso, which he surprisingly liked. With the generous amount of serving they gave during the event, it was more than enough to keep us satisfied and happy before going home. Congratulations to New Zealand Natural Philippines for  bagging the "Overall Champion" title that night.

Again, congratulations to the UP Economics Society for another successful Foodgasm event. It was truly one enjoyable experience and I couldn't wait for the third bite. :)

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  1. Sayang we missed the Jamaisian Bacon Wrap! It looks yummy pa naman >.<

  2. Helen gatbontonMarch 21, 2015

    i love bacon and i notice na kakaiba talaga ung review mo about sa foods,so yummy


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