July 11, 2013

D' Amburger Gastropub- Home of the Original Juicy Lucy Burgers- Greenhills Town Center

I am officially in love with D' Amburger's Smoked Salmon Stack Salad (P266)- layers of fresh lettuce, smoked salmon, parmesan discs, tomato salsa, dill cream and balsamic dressing. 

The proper way of enjoying this salad is by cutting through the stack rather than eating it by layers. I was really impressed with its overall presentation that looks like a constructed tower of greens with salmon surprise on every layer. A must-try!!! 

You all know by now how much I love buffalo wings.. and D' Amburger hit my soft spot with a parade of  their buffalo wings and chicken. There are a total of 5 flavors, and after 2 visits, I was able to try 4. 

Adobo Buffalo Wings (P230)

Doesn't look like adobo right? But a subtle hint of adobo flavor is there underneath those crunchy and crispy skin. It also comes with a special creamy dip on the side to complement the adobo wings. 

Truffle Buffalo Chicken (P315)

One may also opt for buffalo chicken instead of wings at an additional price. Their Truffle Buffalo Chicken  tossed in butter and Frank's hot sauce was big, crispy and juicy with just a subtle kick of spice. 

Honey BBQ Buffalo Wings (P210)

Our personal favorite. Since D and I love anything with bbq sauce, the Honey BBQ Wings won us over. Honestly, it is just your typical sweet and savory bbq coated wings, but it was classic and we both loved it to the bones. 

Mad Buffalo Wings (P210)

Our least favorite. The Mad Buffalo Wings is their take on the Korean-style wings with Asian spices and touch of sesame seeds. It was pretty okay but then the flavors were kinda short of our expectations. 

Flaming Shrooms and Cheese (P240)

For cheese lovers, you should not miss the Flaming Shrooms and Cheese flambĂ©ed on the spot. An order also comes with a generous amount of toasted bread slices, just enough for the cheese dip. 

But if there's one menu item that D' Amburger Gastropub is famous for, it is their Juicy Lucy burgers. Dubbing themselves as the "Home of the Original Stuffed Cheeseburgers (Juicy Lucy)", Amburger started out as a small stall in Banchetto, and eventually expanded to what it is now. 

Juicy Lucy BMM (Bacon Mushroom Melt)- P260

Their Juicy Lucy burger is made with 100% pure beef patty with a gooey mozarella surprise. Their Juicy Lucy BMM is basically their regular burger with an additional bacon, mushroom and cheese in a sesame bun. 

Other than burgers and wings, D' Amburger also have affordable main dishes that you could enjoy like this Roasted Chicken (P170) and Salisbury Steak (P180). It is served with mixed veggies and your choice of starch (mashed potatoes, plain rice, garlic rice). 

D' Amburger Gastropub Menu:

D' Amburger Gastropub is one of the must try places in Greenhills Town Center. A hangout place not just for drinks but a place that gives emphasis on food as well. Well, if you would like to stay away from the busy and crowded bars in the Metro, then I think this place is worth a visit. I just love its laid back ambiance that's still conducive to conversations even during weeknights. Plus, parking is free when ticket is validated :) I think we found a new hangout place :) 

It's Beryllicious Picks:
Smoked Salmon Stack Salad
Truffle Buffalo Wings
Honey BBQ Buffalo Wings
Juicy Lucy Burgers

Other restaurants in Greenhills Town Center:

D' Amburger Gastropub 
Greenhills Town Center, Granada St., Quezon City
Contact Number: 6541395 / 09178685915 / 09178549518


  1. Jakey JunkieJuly 11, 2013

    I've never really gotten a chance to check out gastronomic spots at Greenhills. Ah well, as soon as I get the time, I'll go check out Little Baguio, also in SJ. Have you already been there?

    I also have a thing for Buffalo Wings, too. The first thing that comes to mind for me though is "Armageddon" from Buffalo Wings N' Things. :D

    ~ jakeyjunkie (http://jakeyjunkie.blogspot.com)

  2. Hi Jakey, yes i am familiar with the place :)

    haven't tried the armageddon from Buffalo Wings n things.. i love spicy wings but i don't know if i could take that one haha! :)

  3. i'm reading this entry just as i'm about to go to lunch. not a good idea. haha! the salad is tempting enough... but then i saw the buffalo wings. waaahhh, now i'm craving for some tuloy. :)

  4. I love Amburger's Juicy Lucy. Tried this when they were still selling at Il Mercanti. Will visit their resto soon!

  5. honestly, i'm craving for their salad right now din haha! :)

  6. go michy! heard of their jucy luicy burgers pa nga before in banchetto but was not able to try.. good thing nearer na place nila smn :)

  7. Jakey JunkieJuly 11, 2013

    Armageddon is really, really good. Just get prepared to not feel your mouth and lips for a couple of minutes afterwards. Recently, a friend told me they now have even spicier than Armageddon, called "Gangnam Style." I'm yet to confirm that!

  8. sherlaine sayoJuly 12, 2013

    I want to try those food. They look delicious :)

    .never settle for less.

  9. Oh wow. Parang everything looks good! Happy weekend! :)


  10. The wings look sooooo good! I'm curious with the adobo buffalo wings. Will ask J to bring me here. Haha.. I'm sure the mention of burgers will be enough to convince him :D

  11. Joy FelizardoJuly 14, 2013

    OMG! Juicy Lucy is calling my name so freakishly loud! Heard of Juicy Lucy at one of my fave movie, 50 First dates.

  12. Jonas Ignatius LabagalaJuly 14, 2013

    That Flaming Shrooms and Cheese!!! Gaaaah! It looks so delicious! The burger looks so mouthwatering.. I love your shots actually. What camera are you using right now? :D

  13. i would love to try everything. most especially the burger -- my all time favorite.

  14. Wow. That is a nice idea of stacking the lettuce. Would love to try everything especially the flaming shrooms and cheese!

  15. GilCamporazoJuly 14, 2013

    The way I read your post on this food from D Amburger seems to depict that you're a gourmet, You frequent this place just to get rid of all the foods here. You keep on mentioning buffalo here, but it all refers to a chicken. I thought it is a meat of a buffalo. I was mistaken.

  16. We're also a big fan of Buffalo Wings! Apir! The Adobo and Honey BBQ variety looks fantastic.

  17. Aldous CalubadJuly 14, 2013

    that bmm looks mighty nice. it made me hungry again even after dinner

  18. Jayce CairoJuly 14, 2013

    The salad looks really impressive! I've never seen anything like it. I'll be on the lookout for this resto when I'm in the area.

  19. I'm curious of the taste of the Smoked Salmon Stack Salad, looks very healthy and good for the heart. <^-^>

    Hope they will open a branch here in Davao City.

  20. Wow the photos make me feel hungry now and I'm not yet having my breakfast :D I wonder what that smoked salman salad tastes. I believe le bf will like it since he is a huge fan of salmon. I hope they can have a branch here in the south so we can visit it. Greenhills is just too far away from my place. :( Thanks for sharing this :)

  21. Rochkirstin SantosJuly 15, 2013

    Whoa this could be any meat lover's haven and heaven. The burgers and buffalo wings look super juicy! :)

  22. yes! everything's actually pretty good :) Have a great week ahead too :)

  23. yes, im pretty sure J will love their burgers.. nothing fancy and so sinful! hahaha! :)

  24. thanks Jonas, I'm using a nikon d5000 :)

  25. Jonas Ignatius LabagalaJuly 18, 2013

    Thanks! Cool! :D


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