July 24, 2013

Mom's Birthday at Diamond Hotel's Lobby Lounge

Seems like I just can't get enough of Diamond Hotel's food and dessert offerings, that last May, D and I decided to treat my mom for her birthday here. It was just the three of us as my sister is currently studying in China, while my brother and father were in the States for vacation.

It was just a simple and intimate dinner at the Lobby Lounge on a weekday night. The place was very cozy and quiet with just a few guests dining in.

Lobby Lounge's menu is quite limited so we asked for Corniche's menu for more food options.

I decided to order this salad with chicken breast on the side. I can't remember what it's called but I love the play of colors and texture of this dish. It had nuts, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, herbs and wonton crisps in a sweet oriental dressing. 

D on the other hand ordered for their Mee Goreng (P585), a noodle dish popular in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It's basically egg noodles with toppings like shrimp, chicken, Asian vegetables, and fried egg in a spicy soy tomato sauce.

Serving size of this noodles was huge that it could be shared by 3 people already. The noodles were so soft and tasty with a tolerable kick of spiciness.

My mom got the Porcini Mushroom Crepe (P550) which was recommended by our server.

Serving size looks small but it was just right to fill my mom's appetite. We all agreed that it was the best dish of the night as we made our sneaky moves towards her plate :)

And again, we ordered our favorite cakes for my mom to try it out.

Vanessa (P250) and Guia (P250)

She enjoyed both cakes but found it too sweet for her taste. That means more for us :) 

We got her some ice cream as well..

Adzuki Bean and Genmaicha (P180-2 scoops)


  1. Belated happy birthday to your mom! ;)

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