July 1, 2013

Monster Butter- Spoonable Cookie Butter and Cookies & Milk Spread

"Speculoos is better than Biscoff"
 "Biscoff is better than Speculoos!" 

And this starts a never ending debate on which cookie butter is the best.

While people have different opinions about this, let me introduce to you a great alternative to these premium cookie butter spread. 

Monster Butter is the brainchild of Ana Marfori, who after getting a taste of these premium brands of cookie butter and realized how good "spoonable cookies in a jar" were, came up with the idea of creating her own version and recipe. Several tweaks and experiments later, Monster Butter Cookie Flavored Spread and Cookies and Milk Spread were ready to hit the local market. 

Monster Butter Cookie Butter Spread (P200)

I first tried the classic cookie butter flavor which noticeably has lesser oil compared to other brands. I've had my share of Speculoos Cookie Butter and I must say that Monster Butter's texture was less creamy because of that. But if  that would lessen the guilt after stuffing my mouth with a few spoonfuls, then I'm all for it. 

Don't expect to have that semi-liquid consistency that drips after digging into the jar 'cause it's more like your jam than honey. It's texture was fine and sandy rather than the usual smooth and melts in your mouth texture of spreads. To further understand, think of "Chocnut" (it was the first thing my dad said when he tasted it), and it actually hits the spot. Hmm.. maybe they'll come up with cookie butter bars next time :) 

As for the taste, it was pretty good honestly. It was so addicting that I found myself consuming almost half the jar. It has this distinct cinnamon flavor which I found a bit too strong compared to Speculoos. I was also looking for some cookie bits or chunks, but sadly it had none. Nevertheless, it was really one delicious and addicting treat. 

I wasn't able to top it off some pancakes, doughnuts or cakes since the jar was already empty even before I could prepare some for breakfast. But I was quite happy on how I indulged on this "spoonable" treat- right out of the jar! 

Monster Butter Cookies and Milk Spread (P220) 

For the second flavor, I got to use it on some crackers this time. Its consistency was the same as the cookie butter flavor and again, no cookie bits for me :( I wouldn't recommend topping it on some biscuits or crackers 'cause I found it redundant in taste. 

But I discovered that it was a perfect topping for cheesecake! Believe me, it was so good. D immediately dug his fork into the cheesecake while I was busy topping more of the spread. We also thought of mixing it on vanilla ice cream and create our own cookies and cream flavor. But that would have to wait since we already emptied the jar.

I wouldn't say that Monster Butter is the best cookie butter there is, but I'd definitely get some of these again.      The next time you want to try those cookie butter pancakes or doughnuts at home, why don't you use Monster Butter as a substitute? 

Monster Butter is currently sold online but they do accommodate FREE meetups in Makati every Thursday. 
Check out their Facebook Page for more information and bazaar schedules. 

Monster Butter
For orders and inquiries: 0915-648-3957


  1. Hay berylle you always have to tempt me. As an oreo lover, I'd definitely have to try the cookies and milk

  2. hehe try mo stace! im pretty sure ul love it! :) guilty pleasure!

  3. Interesting. My sister loves cookies and cream. She will love this! :)

  4. Good discovery! This should be a good alternative from the other more expensive brands.

  5. u8mypinkcookiesJuly 02, 2013

    Did they use speculoos? Yummy naman :)

  6. no, they did everything from scratch :)

  7. ohhh, i'm always tempted to try how they do this homemade cookie butter. i think i saw a recipe once from yummy but i forgot which issue. that said, the cookie flavored spread looks more appealing to me. and i love chocnut! hehe.

  8. wow! that cookies and milk spread does look good, I wanna try some! thanks for sharing!


  9. Cool! Hope she places them in supermarkets soon. =)


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