July 20, 2013

Sweet Hunt- Taiwan Milk Tea, Snow Ice, Honey Toast and More in Robinsons Place Manila

Last Sunday, D and I went to Robinson's Place Manila and found ourselves in front of this cute dessert place called Sweet Hunt. It is located at the 3rd level of Midtown Wing right in front of Toy's R Us. We seldom frequent the area, so it was just the right place to be since we didn't want to try something we could also find elsewhere. 

The store was pretty simple and neat with quirky decors and chairs. Sweet Hunt is basically a dessert place that aims to bring Taiwanese sweet treats here in the Philippines. 

Their products include Taiwan milk tea drinks and smoothies, Snow Ice, Shave Ice, Honey Toasts and Taiwan's famous Salt Pepper Chicken.

We decided to try their Snow Ice offerings and ended up choosing two of their bestsellers- Full House (P130-medium) and Tiramisu (P100-medium) 

The Full House is basically a sweet and refreshing cup of their finely shaved milky snow ice topped with mangoes, kiwi, mixed berries, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream

First, I must say that their fruits are really sweet! They really now how to hunt for the sweet ones :) I just hope that they'll be able to maintain the quality of their fruits. 

Next, the texture of their snow ice was really fine and melts in your mouth. It kinda reminds me of the Ice Monster craze way way back, but their texture was even better without any hint of some unrefined ice. 

The Tiramisu on the other hand is a simple and creamy cup of milky snow icecondensed milkcreme Chantillycoffee and cocoa powder

D and I both loved this cup! It may look so simple but the ingredients blended well together. We also enjoyed the touch of Chantilly cream that adds to a sweeter, creamier and more delightful treat. 

Mixed Fruit Tea (P100-medium, P110-large) 

Being more of a fruit tea lover than milk tea, I decided to try their Mixed Fruit Tea which is a blend of jasmine green tea and mixed fruit teas. It was cold, fruity, sweet and refreshing at the same time. 

Same as other milk tea places, Sweet Hunt could customize the sweetness of your drinks depending on your preference. 

The drink also had some fruit bits in it that reminds me of sangria without the alcohol. Sweet! :) 

The Sweet Hunters 

Sweet Hunt Menu:

Our eyes widened at the sight of Sweet Hunt's Honey Toast- a tower of toast cubes topped with ice cream and fruit toppings, but decided to pass since we still have a scheduled dinner for the night. But we promised to go back and try it out when we visit the area again. We also got the chance to meet the General Manager of Sweet Hunt Mr. Mike Chou, who is very hands on with the business. He was very friendly and accommodating to the point that we found ourselves asking him for suggestions on where to eat in Taiwan. Now, D and I are both excited and looking forward to our Taiwan trip this September! 

Sweet Hunt
 #181 3rd Level Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Manila, Ermita


  1. Rochkirstin SantosJuly 20, 2013

    This dessert looks so filling and yummy, unlike Singapore's typical ice kachang! Haha.

  2. algene may cutamoraJuly 20, 2013

    I'm craving for sweet treats now! The honey toast looks delicious :p

  3. The full house looks really loaded. I want to try it to.

  4. I want to try those desserts! Shave ice reminded me of Mojacko, haha. I always envy those cartoon characters when they're eating snow cones. :p

  5. one of my food weaknesses is a sweet shop like this. will definitely try this!

  6. My wife will never allows me to enter this dessert place. So sure siya na my sugar level will rocketed to the max. But eating in moderation I'll definitely go for that Honey Toast. So yummy...

  7. Honey Toast, mouthwatering! I can eat sweets the whole day without taking a proper meal, that's me. Hahaha! I just wish I can find a good one here in Cebu. My sweet tooth would be happier :)

  8. Honey toast, mouthwatering! I can eat sweets the whole day without taking a proper meal. That's me! Hahaha. I just hope I can find a good one like that here in Cebu. My sweet tooth would be happier ;)

  9. Joy FelizardoJuly 20, 2013

    That's one good place to go to if you are out of budget but craving for TWG's. That is one sweet hunting you do!

  10. Argh! We were at Robinson's Manila last week but I wasn't able to spot this place. Hopefully, we would visit Rob. Manila soon.

  11. Pehpot PinedaJuly 21, 2013

    sa Rob Manila lang sila may branch? I hope they can bring this at Rob Gale :)

  12. a-an alfafaraJuly 21, 2013

    I wish they'd have a branch here in Davao soon :)

  13. Filipino Bloggers WWJuly 21, 2013

    Love those ice cream with bunch of toppings. Super sarap.

  14. ana karen BanhagJuly 21, 2013

    I've always been a milk tea lover drinker. I just love milk teas and even hot teas. I will surely try this when I'm back in Manila. The Tiramisu seems interesting and different... hmmmm...

  15. Hehe told you sarap tiramisu! I like their snow ice selection more than their milk tea selections. =) Bring home delicious goodies from taiwan ;D

  16. this looks so amazing! i'll need to start eating my yogurt b4 I ruin my diet with icecream haha. I love milk tea so much though.

  17. omg! omg! omg!! all their desserts looks so delicious!! seriously!!. Made me crave while reading this post! Honey toast ♥ ♥ :)

  18. FULL HOUSE is loaded with my favorites. I'm officially craving for that sweet quencher. Yummy!

  19. Full house is similar to Snowy Ice we tasted in Taiwan recipe here in KL sans the ice cream. It's looks enticing!

  20. The Honey Toast looks delightful! I would love to try that =)


  21. Mae ShinigamiJuly 23, 2013

    I never had a fruit tea, but I will definitely have some when I'll go there! The fresh fruits with the ice cream is really mouth watering.

  22. I wonder how that full house tastes like.. it's so cute!! :)

  23. Bet ko dito yung Tiramisu, I really love sweet foods :)


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