September 23, 2013

Foodgasm Triple the Flavor Experience at Mercato Centrale

After our early dinner at Urbn Bar &Kitchen, D and I, along with Sumi and J, went straight to Mercato Centrale for another round of Foodgasm. 

Surprisingly, we were still able to try all samples from participating vendors that night. 

Foodgasm Champion: B. Wings Black Mamba

Probably the most generous too! The wings were big and tasty served with milk or beer. :p

Foodgasm People's Choice Award: Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs (Wagamama)

The japanese-inspired hotdog sandwich certainly captured the hearts of many, including me. ❤ 

Foodgasm Expert's Choice Award: Pepito's Pinot Sorbet (Sampalok Sorbet)

Proud to say I voted for Pepito's Sampalok Sorbet! It was a great decision to have saved the best for last :) 

Foodgasm Most Innovative Award: Coco Royal (Basil Seeds w/ Honey)

Not a fan of their Coconut water with Aloe Vera, but their Basil Seed w/ Honey juice was really unique and interesting. 

Congratulations to all Foodgasm: Triple The Flavor winners!! 

Other participants that night:

Monster Butter's Cookie Flavored Spread and Cookies & Milk Spread -Check out my Monster Butter review here

Flavor Avenue: Bagnet Paella - it just keeps getting better and better.. 

Snake River Farms: Wagyu Beef Tapa - so tasty and flavorful! 

The Little Donkey: Burrito Fiesta- crispy, filling and pretty good. 

Shmallows: Marshmallow Spread- sticky, fluffy and sweet! 

The Juice Barista: Green Cayenne Reboot - healthy and refreshing!

Twisted Desserts: Mr Grey and Belgian Chocolate Bites - twisted! 

Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig: Dinakdakan - served cold, but I'd prefer it to be sizzling hot. 

A lot of baked goodies... but none really stood out. :( 

Choco ATBP: Tsokolate ng Sindikato De Cacao

FAT Cupcakes: Abu's Favorite Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcake- pretty ok, probably the best cupcake vendor that night. 

Shawie Bakes: Carrot Cake

The Cupcake Dealer: Redamon

Susana's Kitchen: Best Ever Carrot Cake and Chocolate Caramel Chewies

Pastry Playground: Rainbow Cake and Blueberry Cheesecake

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  1. Jakey JunkieSeptember 24, 2013

    I must have been missing a lot. A looot. I just leave nearby (almost) and I still have not gone to Mercato Centrale. Where my colleagues already went there more than once, I just haven't stepped in there. :D

    ~ Jakey Junkie


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