January 3, 2014

Green Pastures by Chef Robby Goco- East Wing Shangrila Mall

One common New Year's resolution every year is to lose weight. That's also part of our list this coming 2014, (it was also on my list for 2013, 2012, 2011..) but since there's no way for us to go on a diet, we decided to go for healthier food selections instead. 

That's why we chose to have dinner one night in Green Pastures at Shangrila Mall's East Wing, helmed by Chef Robby Goco, the man behind the success of Charlie's Grind and Grill and Cyma.

Choose their salad of the month or go for bestsellers like this Farmhouse Salad (P550)

Shredded kale, chopped romaine, konbu roast chicken, malagos goat cheese, hard-boiled eggs, dinelli bacon, corn, avocado, grape tomatoes, honey mustard dill vinaigrette

You may also opt for their DIY salad and choose the ingredients yourself. One order is already good for sharing.

Green Pastures is known for their house made cheeses but we went for their Charcuterie Plate (P325/half, P595/full)

We got the half order of Duck Rillette and 2-way Head Chesse- fried and natural.

I looovee the Duck Rillette with cebu dried mango jam and mustard!!

Honestly, I had no idea that Head Cheese was not a type of cheese but actually a terrine. I didn't quite like it though.

Next we had their famous Pinoy Eggs (P125)- a 5-minute free range duck egg wrapped in housmade longganisa over cheesy kale and tomatoes

I was praying hard that we get a runny yolk as I've seen some photos with hardened ones. Fortunately, my prayers were answered. It was pretty good but D found it costly for a piece of egg and he didn't quite tasted the longganisa either.

Since D loves mushrooms very much, I ordered a toast of Green Pastures' Organic Mushrooms (P210) w/ quail eggs and house made ricotta for him.

It was a big toast divided into 6 slices. Honestly, we were already full from all the toasts from the charcuterie plate, but we still managed to finish this in an instant.

As for our pasta, we were intrigued by their tender Octopus and Bone Marrow Fussili (P425)

I liked it, D didn't. It was rich, creamy, savory and full of flavors. Not so healthy at all I guess.

Roast Organic Chicken (P595)- konbu brine, lemon, grilled asparagus

A light and healthy dish yet oozing with flavorful juices, tender and fall-off-the-bone.

Since I wanted to maximize our visit to Green Pastures and try as much dishes as we can, I also ordered for their Sliders (P325)- a sampler of their 3 burgers, 80/20 Burger, Blue Ribbon Burger, Vegetarian Burger That Doesn't Suck!

Bad idea as we weren't able to appreciate them anymore. Surprisingly, I still enjoyed the Vegetarian Burger while D liked the Blue Ribbon Burger.

For dessert, we had their Milk, Eggs, Honey (P155)

A sweet and creamy meal ender. I find it too sweet for me, but since it's organic honeycomb then I guess it's healthier right? I also love the citrus curd that resembles an egg yolk that runs down the creamy and thick blob of their house made Greek Yogurt.

It was a heavy and filling dinner at Green Pastures but we enjoyed most of the dishes we had. It's definitely not a healthy and light meal for us with all the food we ordered. Another "let's start our diet tomorrow" day for us.

It's Beryllicious Top Picks:
Farmhouse Salad
Duck Rillette
Octopus and Bone Marrow Fussili 
Milk, Eggs, Honey

Green Pastures
4F, East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact Num: 654-3219 / 0922 633-4687


  1. Timely post! We intend to dine there tomorrow. Noting your suggestions =)

  2. That's true! It seems the number 1 NY resolution is losing weight! LOL

    Everything looks good. Just noticed that a lot of restaurants now are using eggs on their salads! Like it's a food trend or something :)

    Anyway, happy new year Berylle!


  3. Wala sa top picks mo ung Pinou Eggs? I love eggs pa naman. Ginutom naman ako. Hyyyyy... pangmayaman food adventure na naman. Hehehe

  4. Drooling while reading this!

    My friend and I were supposed to try this last Friday, but the line was quite long. Will try to be more patient and line up next time. :p

  5. *Drools*

    I still haven't tried Green Pastures, but hopefully soon enough! :) Medyo masakit sa bulsa the prices ah, especially if you want to try a lot. J and I might have to look for more companions, mukhang di kami makakarami if it'll just be the 2 of us! Haha!

  6. sherry ann gole cruzApril 15, 2014

    wow,i would love to try Octopus and Bone Marrow Fussili, i think its time to taste something new and organic!

  7. I love the Octopus and Bone Marrow Fussili, im a pasta lover and i think it gonna suit my taste...


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