March 10, 2014

Kichitora of Tokyo- Small Ramen Sets at Glorietta 5, Makati

Does this look familiar? That's because it's the "lucky tiger" from Kichitora. We visited their second branch in Glorietta 5 last month for another ramen fix. This time, we were set to order new ramen choices we haven't tried before- Paitan Chicken Zenbu No Se and Tan Tan Mien

It's nice that they offer small ramen sets for a complete meal of appetizer, ramen and dessert. 

Chicken Karaage Paitan Zenbu No Se Set (P450)

'Zenbu No Se' literally means "everything on top". A special variation of the famous Paitan Chicken Ramen is topped with braised pork chasu, nori, naruto fishcake, menma, ajitsuke tamago, and a dash of flavorful fried garlic oil (ma-yu).

Tan Tan Mien Gyoza Set (P440)

Another Kichitora favorite, it is made with pure sesame broth, topped with minced pork, sesame seeds, green vegetables, spring onions, spicy oil (la-yu), and fried garlic oil (ma-yu). The broth was a blend of rich, creamy and nutty with a tolerable kick of spice from the spicy oil.  

The Karaage and Gyoza are must-try appetizers in Kichitora. The karaage has an exceptionally crunchy skin with juicy and tender meat. The gyoza on the other hand has a perfectly crisp bottom, koshi wrapper and juicy meat filling. 

Lastly, each set comes with their signature Almond Jelly to cap off the meal. It was sweet, creamy and milky with a distinct taste of almond and strawberry compote. 

Coconut Pudding w/ Matcha and Azuki (P150)

We also ordered Kichitora's other dessert, but unfortunately, it wasn't my cup of tea. Well, that's just because I am not a fan of coconut. 

The serving of their small ramen was just right for me, but D found it too small and not enough. So, he decided to get an additional order of Kichitora's Oyako-Don (P320)

Deemed as the guilt-free katsudon, tender chicken fillet is cooked with egg in a very sweet sauce, then topped with seaweeds and scallions. D liked this very much because it was sweet. Even though I was already full from my ramen set, I can't help but sneak a few spoonfuls from his bowl. 

Kichitora of Tokyo 
2/F Glorietta 5, Glorietta Complex, Ayala Center, Makati