March 25, 2014

Spiral- The Ultimate Hotel Buffet Experience in Sofitel Manila

Spiral- Manila's Ultimate Hotel Buffet. Ask anyone from my family where they want to be treated, the top answer would be Spiral. One would always tease "Pa-Spiral ka naman" whenever a member of the family is celebrating his/her birthday. We even got an Accor Advantage Plus Card to avail huge discounts at Spiral. Sadly, the year we acquired our membership, was also the year it closed down for renovation. But as they say, "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait". 

After a year of re-conceptualization, Spiral was set to re-open to revolutionize dynamic and interactive dining in the country. It felt so great to be back in Sofitel Philippine Plaza's flagship restaurant after it had been hit by typhoon last 2011. The iconic spiral staircase and 21-foot spiral sculpture fortunately remained intact.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza invested $11Million for the whole renovation. An extensive investment to ensure all their guests the best and nothing but the best dining experience they deserve. 

The new Spiral is divided into 21 Ateliers- special stations where recipes and dishes are masterfully prepared fresh and on the spot. The 21 dining Ateliers brings together the world's best cuisines in one spectacular destination. 

1.Salad and Appetizer

Create your own salad and pick from fresh and locally grown organic vegetables and homemade dressings. I opted for their Shake and Go- pre-made salad in a small glass canister. Feel free to add more toppings that you like and drizzle it with your choice of dressing. They also have small servings of healthy wraps which you can have as a starter.  

I grabbed an assortment of appetizer cups on the way- loved the cured salmon and shrimp cocktail. 

Food in each atelier varies everyday. Some dishes today may not be there tomorrow. Here are some appetizers I've tried during another visit.

2. L'Ecailler

One of my favorite ateliers is the seafood station with fresh jewels from the sea- prawns, crabs, oysters, mussels, and lobsters! 

3. Sushi and Sashimi

A raw bar of fresh sushi, sashimi, maki rolls, nigiri and temaki.

I tried to control myself from all the colorful maki rolls at the Sushi and Sashimi station. Didn't want to load on carbs while still on atelier #3. 

4. L' Epicerie

The famous cheese room of Spiral. The most sought-after station among all other ateliers. The cheese room showcases different kinds of both local and international cheeses.

Aside from cheeses, the room also holds an extensive selection of cured meats, premium-aged hams, and charcuterie. Pair your meats and cheeses with an assortment of dried fruits, nuts, jams, and condiments for a complete gourmet experience. 

I love and hate cheese at the same time. I love the light, creamy and sweet tasting cheeses, but couldn't tolerate those with really offensive smell and taste. I'm all good with brie, parma ham and some dried fruits and nuts. Will skip on the terrines next time.

5. Hot Japanese

The Hot Japanese atelier has a teppanyaki station where the chef grills your choice of meat, seafood and vegetables on the spot. They also have Japanese classics and staples such as tempura, yakitori and grilled items. A sukiyaki station can be found here too! 

Take advantage of freshly grilled salmon head at the Hot Japanese Station. 

Of course, we couldn't miss the tempura station for freshly made ebi and kisu tempura.

6. French Stove

A highlight of the French Stove is their home-made seared foie gras served during dinner. 

There's also a station were you can customize your own pasta. Choose from different kinds of pasta, wide selection of toppings, and various cheeses from the cheese room. 

But the most important part of the French Stove is their million dollar Bonnet French Oven, a customized oven used by Michelin Star Chefs around the world.

7. Rotisserie

Aside from the bonnet oven, Spiral also has this blue rotisserie, featuring slow cooked meats such as lamb, chicken and pork. 

8. Wood Fired Oven

Enjoy freshly baked thin crust pizza at the Wood Fired Oven with other baked savory pastries especially created by the chefs.

9. Churrasco

Savor some mouth-watering juicy skewered meats Brazilian style. Pick from a variety of sauces and herbs that goes well with your chosen steaks and seafood. 

I always go for lamb and mint jelly.

10. North Indian

The North Indian atelier offers staples such as naan, tandoori, basmati rice, masala dishes, paneers and chutneys. If you are into spices and rice, then this is the station for you. 

11. Asian Noodles

Choose from different kinds of noodles and pick your own toppings at the Asian Noodle station. They serve hand-pulled noodles and Laksa here.

12. Peking Duck Oven

Another anticipated atelier at Spiral is the Peking Duck Oven where diners can enjoy unlimited Peking duck wraps, pork barbecue and more. Interesting fact: Spiral serves 20 pcs. of peking duck every day. 
13. Steam Basket
14. Chinese Wok

If the cheese room is a foodie's haven, then the Steam Basket is D's sanctuary. He'll go straight here for appetizers, and will happily have hakaw and siomai for dessert. 

15. Filipino

Take a culinary adventure and try Filipino dishes with homemade and heirloom recipes from notable Spiral Chefs. Enjoy all-time Filipino favorites such as Sinigang, Caldereta, Adobo and Kare-Kare. 

16. Thai

I love Thai food. Unfortunately, they don't have our favorite Pad Thai. But diners can still enjoy the rich and complex flavors of Thailand. 

17. Korean

Sizzling plates of freshly cooked favorites await Korean food aficionados. Start with a banchan of kimchi and namul, then enjoy some bulgogi, beef short rib barbeque, chili chicken barbeque, pork rib barbeque, squid chili barbeque, and japchae for your mains. 

18. La Boulangerie

A bread haven of assorted baked goods such as baguette, pain au chocolat, croissants, wheat and rye bread are made fresh everyday. I normally skip this section so as not to load much on carbs. 

19. La Patisserie

The happy ever after of an ultimate buffet. La Patisserie is home of freshly baked pastries, cakes and sweets in all sizes, textures and shapes. Enjoy various cakes, chocolate truffles, dessert shooters, candies and more. 

They have this drawers full of candies, gummies, and sour belts. 

They also have three flavors of chocolate foundation- Orange, Chocolate and Pistachio. 

20. Chocolaterie

The Chocolaterie holds premium artisanal chocolates intricately designed from the best cocoa in the world. These are not part of the buffet, but customers are free to avail them at reasonable prices. 

21. Creamery

Customize your own crepe and choose from fruity fillings and toppings. Top it off with different types of ice cream from fruity sorbet to sweet, creamy and chocolatey ice cream flavors. 

Spiral 2 Go

With Spiral 2 Go, you can also enjoy the best of Sofitel’s gourmet offerings whether at home or on the move. Have your pick of Spiral’s exquisite homemade pralines and fresh breads, jams, sauces and condiments which make for perfect presents or pasalubong for the special people in your life.

La Veranda

la Veranda is an indoor lounge that opens to an outdoor terrace leading to the iconic lagoon-shaped pool Sofitel Manila is famous for. One can literally watch the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky from the comfort of a glass enclosed lounge while sitting in the 1930s Art deco Parisian style bar.

Private Dining Rooms

Spiral currently has 6 private dining rooms for small functions and gatherings. 

Hidden (37 sqms, seating 10 people) and Voyeur (63 sqms, seating 12 people) both with a living room style complete with leather sofas and a big dining table.  

Indulgence, Epicure, Decadence (measuring 34 sqms each room) seating 12 people and could be joined together to fit 36 people 

Tasting, a semi private dining room (33 sqms) is a less formal area to entertain guests up to 8 people. 

Spiral Buffet Rates

Dining in Spiral was truly a gastronomic experience! With 21 Ateliers, there's no way you could try everything in one visit. I suggest going for the dishes you don't get to eat everyday like fresh seafood from L' Ecailler, premium chesses from L' Epicerie, unlimited foie gras from the French Stove, grilled steaks and lamb from the Churrasco station, Peking duck from the Peking Duck Oven, and of course, sweets and chocolates from the La Patiserrie and Creamery atelier. 

Thank you Ms. Jane Santigao of Sofitel Manila for having us! Can't wait to go back and try other dishes we missed. 

Good news to all foodies! As a special promo in celebration of International Women's Month, Spiral is offering a 40% discount for your entire group. Just make sure you dine with with the most important woman in your life and present a printout of their post in Facebook to get the 40% discount to your total bill until March 31, 2014. Enjoy an additional 10% OFF with your Accor Advantage Plus card.
Prior booking is required. Offer is valid for Monday to Friday lunch and dinner and is not valid in conjunction with other offers.

Spiral Manila
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City
Tel Num: 551-5555 


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