April 22, 2014

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream Introduces New Summer Flavors- Raspberry Amaretto, MiSoGood, Mango Kiwi, Cherries Jubilee

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream comes up with their new flavors this summer! After the success of their Basil ice cream and other herb flavors like Orange Rosemary and Lemon Mint, Jack Frost presents us with a fruity and refreshing taste of summer. 

Starting off with their Cherries Jubilee- a bitter-sweet combination of cherries and brandy. 

I'm no brandy lover, but this flavor is surprisingly good. You could actually taste both the brandy and the sweet taste of cherries in the mix. 

If that didn't entice you, then I'm pretty sure you'll love the Raspberry Amaretto as much as I did. 

I love amaretto so this was a surefire hit for me. This has a subtler taste of liquor so even non-alcoholic drinkers would love this.

If liquor-infused ice creams are a no no for you, then try their sweet and summery flavor Mango Kiwi

It was sweet and creamy, though I'd love this more if it came in as a sorbet. The ice cream itself was milky and creamy so I think adding more mango or kiwi will make it fruitier and more refreshing. 

But the highlight of their new flavors is this MiSoGood or Miso w/ GreenApple

The combination may be something very unusual, but it actually works. Having green apple as one of its ingredients, I expected it to be tangy. But instead, it was sweet and refreshing with crunchy bits of green apple. 

Jack Frost never fails to innovate and develop new and exciting flavors. I'm curious on what other flavors it will offer next time. 

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