October 30, 2014

Leann's Tea House- Homestyle Korean Grill and Restaurant at Mother Ignacia, QC

Leann's Tea House- sounds Chinese right? You would probably expect some dimsum and other Chinese specialties upon hearing its name. But actually, it's a Korean restaurant that serves authentic Korean dishes in a family-style setting. Unlike most Korean restaurants in the Metro that gear towards the concept of Korean buffet, Leann's Tea House deviates from the eat-all-you-can setup to focus on serving their customers quality yet affordable dishes. 

The place exudes a warm and casual vibe that feels a lot like home. They use long wooden tables and benches to give an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness. 

Instead of indulging their guests with a wide assortment of banchans like what other Korean restaurants do, they serve 4 kinds of especially concocted appetizers that are surefire palate pleasers. My personal favorites were the Potato Salad and Lettuce Salad.

Kimchi, Potato Salad, Lettuce Salad, Beansprouts

It's called a tea house for nothing. Leann's Tea House serves really good tea. During our visit, we tried their corn tea which had this bold and distinct taste of corn. Sooo good!!

Tonkatsu Kimbap (P250)

One of their most popular and aesthetically appealing appetizers, a visit to Leann's won't be complete without an order of their Tonkatsu Kimbap- a leveled-up version of the classic rice roll wrapped in breaded pork.

Jap Chae (P210)

Another Korean favorite, their glass noodles were perfectly sweet and chewy, loaded with tender beef slices and assorted vegetables.

Bibimbap (P210)

But if you're someone who can't live without rice, their Bibimbap in a hot stone pot is the best choice for a complete and filling meal. Serving is also good for sharing.

Galbi Jjim (Small-P400, Large-P600)

If there is one dish that I look forward to eating in Korean restaurants, that would be the Korean beef stew. Leann's Galbi Jjim did not disappoint with its tender beef short ribs and mixed vegetables cooked in a sweet and savory stew.

Leann's Tea House may serve mostly ala carte dishes, but they don't plan to get behind the Unlimited Samgyupsal and Woosamgyup craze. For just P399, you can feast on unlimited pork and beef belly slices to your heart's content.

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Samgyupsal (P240)- thinly sliced pork belly

Woosamgyup (P300)- thinly sliced beef belly

L.A Galbi (P420)- barbecued beef short ribs

And here comes the most enjoyable part of all- Grilling! I enjoyed the L.A galbi the most as it was very tender and flavorful. 

Wash everything down with Leann's refreshing tea slushies. Choose from Green Tea, Omija TeaRed Ginseng, Black Tea.

Take home some bottles of Leann's homemade kimchi for a reasonable price of P180

Leann's Tea House Menu:

Leann's Tea House may not be your typical Korean buffet, but I highly recommend trying it out for their classic Korean dishes like Tonkatsu Kimbap, Bibimbap, Jap Chae, Galbi Jjim, L.A Galbi and more! I really enjoyed most, if not all the dishes we ordered during our visit. Will be definitely bringing my family, who loves Korean food so much to Leann's Tea House soon! 

Leann's Tea House
105 Mother Ignacia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Tel Num: 411-8902

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  1. How much are the drinks? they look really good!

  2. I love Korean foods so much. Been trying to visit Leann's Tea House, but I always find no time because of my schedule. :( I'll make sure to visit this place within the year! :)


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