October 25, 2014

Meshwe- Authentic Lebanese Shawarma in The Z Compound at Malingap Street

When we first visited the famous Zone Compound or the Z Compound in Malingap Street, we were able to discover two great places that offer delicious and budget-friendly eats. First was Me Love You Long Time- a small eatery serving Southeast Asian cuisine particularly Thai and Vietnamese, where we enjoyed some Pad Thai, Fresh Spring Rolls, and a refreshing Thai Iced Tea. 

Our second stop was one of the more popular concessionaires in the compound- Meshwe.

Meshwe Authentic Lebanese Shawarma, as the name suggests, specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine particularly shawarma. They have shawarma wraps, shawarma plates, shawarma rice and other middle eastern specialities like falafel, samosas, pita chips, and hummus. 

Chicken Shawarma Rice (P100)- chicken shawarma rice, bukhari rice, tomatoes, garlic sauce, tomato salsa

Beef Shawarma Wrap (P100)- beef shawarma, tahini, tomatoes, pickles, parsley salad, Arabic fries, pita

As much as I prefer beef in my shawarma, the chicken shawarma rice won over the beef wrap. The slices of chicken were perfectly spiced, complementing the warm bukhari rice with carrots and raisins. Don't underestimate the small servings of tomato salsa and garlic sauce, as they gave the dish a whole lot of flavor.

Unfortunately, the beef on the shawarma wrap was a bit tough. They added arabic fries to it which I found interesting, but overall taste was somewhat lacking and fell short of our expectations.

Meshwe Authentic Lebanese Shawarma Menu:

We will definitely go back to Meshwe and try other specialties like falafel, sambousak, and their hummus with some pita chips. I highly recommend getting their chicken shawarma variants, but I am not closing my doors on giving their beef shawarma a second chance. 

Meshwe Authentic Lebanese Shawarma
33-A Malingap Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Meshwe

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  1. Ooooh.. Would love to try this! Didn't know there's a foodies compound na din in Malingap! Ito ba yung kinwento mo before? :D Would love to try Me Love You Long Time next time I'm in the area. Weird yung feeling mentioning the name of the place, but I'd love to try their pad thai and spring rolls! :D


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