January 8, 2015

Chubby Chicken Katipunan- More Than Just Fried Chicken + Giveaway!!!

Guess who's back, back again.. Chubby's back, tell a friend.. Yes! It's another round of giveaway from your chubbiest chicken in town- Chubby Chicken! 2 years ago, I gave away a P300 gift certificate to one lucky reader, and some chubby-chicken-all-you-can passes to 2 lucky winners.

This time, our good friends from Chubby Chicken is treating YOU and 4 of your friends to a lunch or dinner feast for the whole barkada!

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But before anything else, let me share to you our last year's holiday feast at Chubby Chicken-Katipunan.

Starting off with no other than their best-selling 2 pcs. Chubby Chicken (P112). (Just because it is so good you’ll certainly be asking for a second piece. ) 

Their signature chicken recipe is available in sweet or spicy variant, with options to choose between rice or  fries on the side. The thin and crunchy skin breading separates from the lean and tender meat after the double-fry process, but retains the juiciness and moisture of a perfectly cooked fried chicken. Then, it is lightly slathered in a sweet or spicy sauce, and served with their signature garlic dressing, to add more oomph to the already flavorful dish.

Our visit wouldn’t be complete without having one of our favorite dishes at Chubby Chicken. Their cheesy, meaty, and creamy Chicken Parmigiana (P165) was the highlight of our first visit, and this time, again, it took the spotlight. The whole dish was already a meal in itself, and an order can even be shared by two.

Sharing the spotlight is their Country Fried Chicken (P165), which is basically a slab of tender fried chicken breast, topped with a sunny side up egg, served with steamed rice and Cajun fries. Although the Chicken Parmigiana still gets my vote, this dish is a good alternative for those who want it simple, but can still satisfy a hefty appetite.

You'll definitely be full after finishing this back to back carbs of steamed rice and cajun fries. 

Speaking of fries, another best-seller at Chubby Chicken is their Gravy Fries (Solo- P100, To Share- P150)

I'm not really a big fan of fries, but this plateful of potato fries with country-style gravy and grated cheese was just perfect for the whole group to share. The cheesy gravy sauce was more than enough to leave me munching on these crunchy fries non-stop.

We grabbed some refreshments from the chiller, and enjoyed the Mug Root Beer Float and Stellina's Pink Lemonade in between meals.

Carbonara (Solo- P105, to Share- P165)

Ranked among the Top 10 Carbonara Dishes in Manila by, Chubby Chicken's take on the classic cream-based pasta was simple yet comforting. It somehow gives that nostalgic feeling of home.

The Angus Tapa (P165) is Chubby Chicken's version of the Pinoy breakfast favorite- tapsilog.

Although the sukiyaki-cut angus beef tapa looks less tempting as other Chubbified dishes on the menu, it was very tasty and flavorful.

Capping off our meal was an order of Chubby Oreos (P95)- 4 pcs. deep fried Oreos, topped with vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreos.

What used to be 3 pieces of guilty pleasure, became 4 pieces of guilty indulgence. Hey! That's more reason to dine with friends and families!

Now, here's the part you've all been waiting for.. the Giveaway!

As mentioned earlier, I will choose 1 winner who will be able to treat 4 of his/her friends or family to a 'chubbified' lunch or dinner at Chubby Chicken.

How? Just follow the simple mechanics via rafflecopter below:

Good luck to everyone!!

Chubby Chicken has now opened their second branch in Fairview- 3/F, Jarasa Building, Regalado West, Fairview, Quezon City.

Chubby Chicken
1B Xavierville Residences, Esteban Abada
cor. Alvero Loyola Heights Katipunan, Quezon City
Tel Num: 433-1833/ 0917-6480
3/F, Jarasa Building, Regalado West, Fairview, Quezon City
Tel Num: 427-2222