January 5, 2016

Luwak White Koffie- The Rise of the White Coffee Revolution from Indonesia

How'd you want your coffee? Black or White? With the millennial generation spearheading the change in coffee preferences among people nowadays, it doesn't come as a surprise that White coffee is starting to become the new "black". 

While most people still enjoy their black coffee for a stronger caffeine fix early in the morning, today's youth tends to go for the creamier and sweeter blend white coffee is known for.

Luwak White Koffie is an instant blend from Indonesia which is being distributed here in the country by Reddimart Multi-Resources Inc. According to Jerbie Ong, president of Reddimart, they simply tweaked the formula to preserve the creaminess of white coffee, while still retaining the rich bitter flavor of good authentic coffee.

Not to be mistaken with the luwak coffee or civet coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world), White Koffie is actually a trademark of the Luwak brand known for their instant white coffee mix.

White Koffie is a low acid coffee ideal for people who suffers from acid indigestion, and stomach ulcer. It is perfect for those who prefer their coffee light, creamy and not overbearingly sweet. I am one with those people who love trying out instant coffee in the market and end up getting disappointed because it is either too sweet or too creamy that you don't get to taste the coffee anymore. White Koffie answers that problem with its cream-to-sugar-to-coffee ratio, offering customers a taste of what authentic white coffee should really taste like.

Look who's also into the White Coffee revolution. Happy New Year guys! 

For more information on Luwak White Koffie,, visit www.reddimart.ph/luwak.

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