March 30, 2016

Kilo Off Weight Loss Supplement- Foodie's Secret to Staying Lean and Trim #KiloOff

There's a new weight loss supplement in town for people who want to manage their weight the safe and healthy way. Kilo Off is a brand from France made by Laboratories Vitarmonyl, a leading company that manufactures high quality supplements and health care products. 

Kilo Off was launched in over 20 countries worldwide such as UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Italy, Russia, and Belgium. Now, Kilo Off lands in the Philippine market to meet the demands of the increasingly health and weight conscious consumers.

Kilo Off's hero product is their 4 in 1 Dietary Supplement Powder Drink that comes in Citrus flavor. It is a nutritional supplement made with plant extracts to naturally burn fat, increase metabolism and curb sugar cravings for a flatter tummy.

Kilo Off Powder Drink (P995/10 sachets)

Kilo Off Powder Drink is for those who want to slim down but are hesitant to try pills or surgery. It is to be consumed once a day (ideally in the morning) for a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 20 days. You just have to dilute the contents in cold water, wait for 10 seconds, then drink! It has this subtle fizz and pleasant citrus flavor without any aftertaste. 

Kilo Off Liquid Drink (P795)

Kilo Off Liquid Drink is for those who want to save themselves from the hassle of mixing powder into a glass of water. This is ideal for people who don't have access to a glass and water all the time. This dietary supplement liquid drink can be consumed on the go. Just fill the bottle cap and drink it as it is.

Kilo Off Liquid Drink comes in 2 flavors- Blackcurrant and Fruity. It is an 8-day program which targets specific problem areas such as bloating and weight gain. 

Blackcurrant is for those who want to maintain a toned and slim figure, while the Fruity flavor is for intestinal well-being and digestion.

Kilo Off 24 Capsules (P850/30 capsules)

For those who want to slim down with maximal efficacy both day and night, Kilo Off Capsule is a 15-day slimming program that burns fat, keeps the stomach flat, detoxifies the body and improves digestion. It is to be taken twice a day (before breakfast and before dinner) for a consecutive period of 15 days. It is a targeted variant that burns fat in as fast as 24 hours.

Kilo Off is perfect for foodies like me who can't seem to resist food most of the time. Now, I can go on with my food adventures without worrying about bloating, indigestion, and excess fat. Kilo Off Powder Drink is best to consume at home or office, while Kilo Off Liquid Drink is great for people on the go. Kilo Off Capsule for me is the most convenient to drink as you can take it anytime and anywhere you go.

What I like about Kilo Off products is that they don't have any laxative effect unlike other slimming products in the market. There are no feeling of palpitations and adverse side effects that may be harmful to the body and health.

What I like about Kilo Off
- taste is pretty good
- no laxative effect
- convenient to bring
- reduces bloating
- curbs my food cravings
- made of natural ingredients and plant extracts
- no diet restrictions and I can still eat and drink anything I want

What I don't like about Kilo Off
- makes me thirsty (which can also be a plus since I am forced to drink lots of water daily)
- hard to stick to the plan and drink it consecutively for days
- recommended to drink before breakfast which makes me acidic

There may be no absolute solution to weight loss, and for me, proper diet and regular exercise is still the best way to go. But with the fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, where people can't seem to find time to workout and cook healthy meals at home, it is nice to find supplements like Kilo Off that target these concerns.

Kilo Off is exclusively available in 100 Watsons branches nationwide.

For more information, like Kilo Off Philippines on Facebook and follow them on instagram (@kilo_off). 

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