July 26, 2016

Tomo Japanese Dining- The Hidden Japanese Restaurant in Addition Hills San Juan

I've been seeing posts about this "hidden" Japanese restaurant in San Juan called Tomo Japanese Dining. Since my friends also wanted to check the place out, we booked a reservation to guarantee our seats. I've heard the place is always full so it is advisable to call for reservations. They have a 6-8pm or 8-10pm seating schedule. We went with the latter time as everyone will be coming from work.

We arrived a little past 7:00pm and were asked to wait outside since the 6pm customers haven't finished their dinner yet. Finally our group was called and was led to the second floor of the restaurant. To our surprise, there were a few vacant seats, and the table reserved to us was also vacant all the time we were waiting downstairs. Perhaps they want to stick with the 8pm schedule.

We started with the Spicy Salmon Sashimi (P395) while waiting for the others to arrive. For its price, we were expecting more from this appetizer. They should have at least used Japanese mayo on this. Everyone swears the mayo used on this dish tasted like regular mayonnaise. It was not even spicy that we had to ask our server if it was done right. She brought it inside the kitchen and came out with the dish sprinkled with lots of togarashi powder on top.

We moved on to the next appetizer, the Kaki Cheese Yaki (P320). This appetizer saved the night as we enjoyed these grilled oysters with cheese and vegetables agemono. I don't really like oysters very much, but this was definitely my favorite dish of the night.

For maki sushi,we went for this Crazy Roll (P235) which was recommended by our server. It was pretty ok for its price. We also ordered for the Spider Design Maki (P435) which never came.

My uni-loving friends ordered for the Uni Sashimi (P275) which came in quite a generous serving. I personally don't eat sea urchin, but everyone seemed to enjoy it very much.

Since D loves okonomiyaki, we got this Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki (P360). The difference between this and the regular Okonomiyaki (P295) is the addition of ramen noodles. I personally prefer the one without noodles, but the Hiroshima-style is a great choice for those looking for something more filling.

For mains, we had this chunky Unagi Kabayaki (P610), grilled Japanese eel in sweet soy-based sauce. 

Gyuniku Teppanyaki has three kinds of beef misono selection. We opted for the cheapest one which is the Beef Tenderloin (P400).
Other choices are Wagyu Saikoro Steak (P2185) and Australian Rib-Eye Steak (P1050).

Best to have your steak cooked to medium or medium rare as it will continue to cook on the cast iron griddle after serving. The beef cubes were delightfully juicy and tender to the bite.

The Hamachi Head with Kama (P200/100g) had that fishy taste, but a squeeze of lemon helped in neutralizing the smell and taste.

Overall, our experience at Tomo Japanese Dining was just ok. Maybe we set our expectations too high because of the raves online, and so we were quite disappointed with some dishes we ordered. Ambiance wise, the place is such a beauty, and perfect for romantic date nights.

I think they still need to work on their service, as we waited so long before our bill arrived. We had to wait for another 15 minutes before they processed our payment. I'm not closing my doors on revisiting Tomo though. Hopefully, food and service gets better by then.

Tomo Japanese Dining
137 Araullo St. Addition Hills, San Juan
Tomo Japanese Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. It's actually my first time hearing or reading about them. Sorry you had to experience some bad sits. I'm wondering wether to try them. But looks like you enjoyed their food naman.


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