September 28, 2016

Maybelline New York Inspires Us to Explore the World and #MakeConfidenceHappen

Confidence is Key. This is what most people say when faced with personal challenges that test their self-esteem. Not everyone is blessed with confidence, and while some women are born a natural, most struggle with it every single day. From waking up every morning, to achieving daily work goals, confidence is key to bring out your best and succeed in whatever goals you have in life.

In my case, I was never the girl who exuded extreme confidence. As a child, I often play alone and stay in one corner, while others play together. I was shy to talk with other kids unless someone approaches me and invites me to play with them. Maybe because I was just naturally born shy, or because I didn't have much self-confidence with my social abilities.

Growing up, I realized that developing my self-confidence is a long but possible shot. Traveling took a big part in building my confidence and self-esteem.

Friends in HK Disneyland

It helped me develop my communication skills, especially with other people from here and abroad. I slowly learned to open up to others and initiate conversations.

Food tripping in Korea

I met new friends along the way, who taught me that even when people come from different parts of the world, they can still get along, break barriers, and build honest relationships.

the Sundov family from Croatia

In the end, I learned that what matters most is just be yourself, and everything else will follow.

Traveling made me confident by letting me face my fears, not just with communicating with other people, but with overcoming hesitations as well. I learned to be more adventurous and brave, with things that used to scare me like heights and extreme activities.

I went out of my comfort zone, while experiencing different things I never thought I could do. It boosted my skills intellectually- since I get to learn more things about the world and other culture, socially- as I get to mingle with people from all walks of life, and emotionally- since I get to be a more vibrant person with each journey.

I realized that by overcoming my fears, I was able to create a new experience and milestone in my life. In fact, I survived a guest speaking project, which for me seemed impossible years ago. I summed up the courage and made confidence happen, to push myself to speak in public and share to others my travel adventures and personal experiences.

While I can't say that I'm fully confident with myself, I know that it is a continuous process of building my self-esteem and confidence. For now, I can say that I am happy with what I achieved, and constantly looking forward to more travels and adventures in the future.

#MakeConfidenceHappen and discover more about yourself! Take risks, follow your passion, explore the world and travel! Do the things you love and be proud of your achievements. Because as they say, you only live once, so make the most out of it in your most confident way. 

Check out the new face of Maybelline, Liza Soberano, as she shares her insecurities and how she was able to overcome them with self-confidence. 

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