September 22, 2016

Places to Visit in Davao- Eden Nature Park and Resort Day Tour Package and Lunch

I've always wanted to visit Davao and explore "one of the safest cities in the world". Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel for the first time to Davao for the US Potato Safari event last year.  I got to dine in some of the best places and restaurants like Claude's Le Cafe De Ville, Vinta Bar and Cafe Uno of Waterfront Insular Hotel, and Polo Bistro of Marco Polo, but I was not able to go around the city due to our tight schedule. 

Three months after, the family decided to spend the Holy Week in Davao. Planning our visit was easy and hassle-free, especially now, that there are quite a number of hotels in Davao with affordable rates per night. While preparing our itinerary, I made sure I included a visit to Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Eden Nature Park is one of the most famous attractions in Davao. It is an 80-hectare land filled with pine trees and other botanical plants.

Entrance with Buffet Lunch is priced at P550/person, while Entrance with Plated Snacks is only P220/person.

We opted for the buffet lunch package and availed the Guided Shuttle Tour for an additional P120.

The guided shuttle tour follows a strict schedule and is on a first come first served basis. It is so important to arrive early to secure your slots. Our group arrived around 8am and was just lucky to get the last few slots for the schedule at 8:45am.

The guided tour will bring you to places around the park. There is a hiking trail for those who want to explore the place on foot, but I highly suggest you get the guided shuttle tour to save time and effort.

We passed by the Hydroponic Vegetable Garden, the Holiday Lodge and Terraces, and had our first stop at the Flower Garden and Amphitheater.

We enjoyed taking our photos with this big and beautiful rainbow behind us. We proceeded with the shuttle tour and passed by the famous Rainbow Pass.

Our second stopover was at Tinubdan, where we experienced a cultural excursion into the heartland of indigenous wisdom. A group of children performed a cultural dance, to welcome everyone into their "village".

We visited the Lumadnong Tambal, which is an herbal medicinal garden showcasing the various medicinal plants used by the Lumads of Mindanao.

This is Balai Kalimudan, a gathering house that functions both as a Datu's House and center of the community. This is where most tribal matters are done such as welcoming of guests, settling of disputes, weddings, and other things rituals led by the datu are performed.

This stop, mainly features how the indigenous people lived, and the stories of ancient myths and tales of the lumads.

Our tour continued as we passed by the Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden. Last stop was Lola's Garden where Mayumi's Wishing Well can also be found.

After the tour, we walked to the Aviary and Butterfly Garden. It was my first ever experience to hold a butterfly in my hands. The caretaker of the garden placed some sweet syrup into our fingers to easily draw the butterflies.

We rested for a while and headed straight to the Eden Fields Recreational Activity Center for some fun and thrilling activities.

Here are the activities and rates you can avail:

Most us just opted for the SkyCycle, while my brave and adventurous siblings went for the SkyCycle and SkyRider Combo.

It was so much fun and scary at the same time. You don't really have to balance yourself on the bike. Don't worry, you won't fall or get out of balance while cycling. I got scared a bit halfway because of the slight tilts, but I was all focused on my grip, I didn't even had time to scream.

When I got to the end, I felt the victory and excitement. Going back was a lot easier and faster.

My mom got cold feet last minute while she was already on the bike. We were supposed to ride together, but since she backed out, we went ahead without her. When we got back, she was still contemplating since her ticket was already paid for. Finally, we were able to force her to do it. In the end, she had no regrets. She felt glad she did it and realized that it was not scary at all. Blame it all on the coffee!

We went back to the Day Tour Center and had our buffet lunch at Vista Restaurant.

I personally think that getting the Entrance with Buffet Lunch is much worth it than one with plated snacks. For an additional P330, you get to enjoy unlimited servings of soup, fresh vegetables, fruits, desserts, drinks and other delicious viands.

We certainly enjoyed our time at Eden Nature Park. Every place and corner offers a picturesque view of nature and beautiful decors. We took some more photos near the area before leaving the place.

It feels good to travel with the whole family once in a while even just for a few days. It does not necessarily have to be an expensive trip abroad or a grand tour package. Traveling nowadays is easier and much cheaper especially with various airfare and hotel promos. There are also a lot of online travel sites that help you find the cheapest local and international flight tickets, and the best value hotel and accommodations. 

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