July 18, 2017

4 Ways That Using RideShare Services Can Benefit You

In this contemporary world, you have the benefit of sharing cabs. So, instead of riding alone in a cab, why don't you share one? If everyone does this, there will be less congestion on the roads, allowing people to get to their destinations quicker. Ride sharing also means that you will be sharing the fate of the ride with the other passengers. If everyone shares rides, there will be fewer vehicles on the roads, and if there are fewer vehicles, there will be less production of harmful intoxicants such as smog. The amount of gasoline used will also decrease tremendously. You won't be getting your privacy, but you may just be able to create new bonds with your fellow passengers. Here are 4 ways that using rideshare services can benefit you! For more information on Rideshare, you can visit www.rydely.com

Rideshare services are SAFER.

Don't you feel much safer requesting for a ride through an app where you can see pictures of your driver, his/her car and license plate? Don't you think it is much safer than the traditional method of getting a ride? You should know that all the drivers that are members of the rideshare community go through extensive background and criminal history checks. In addition to obtaining information about your driver, you can also share the information with other passengers and provide reviews about your journey. 

Saves the Environment

You will be playing your part in saving the environment if you use rideshare services. How so? Well, when you share your ride, and if everyone follows suit, there will be fewer vehicles on the street. Fewer vehicles mean that there will be less production of harmful intoxicants such as smog. The amount of gasoline used will also decrease tremendously, in turn, decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses that can play an atrocious role in increasing the effect of global warming. Fewer vehicles mean that the quality of air will also improve drastically, in turn, improving the health of people all around! 

Rideshare services are compatible with Smartphones

Do you know anyone who doesn't own a smartphone? Well, we don´t! People these days have benefitted tremendously from the invention of smartphones and helpful apps. Ridesharing apps such as Lyft and Uber allow us to get a ride in a few minutes and pay for these rides online. Therefore, there is no denying that rideshare services are simply more convenient. These apps also ensure that you are in total control of your cab. You, no longer, have to wait a long while for a cab. 

Decreases Congestion

When everyone drives around in their personal automobiles, the roads will not be able to handle the mass traffic. If everyone uses rideshare services, there will be fewer vehicles on the road, considerably decreasing congestion. If everyone goes pro-rideshare, everyone will be able to reach their destinations on time, ambulances will be able to carry out more emergencies, fire trucks will be able to extinguish the fire on time, and the police will be able to handle crisis swiftly, therefore saving more lives literally. 

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