September 9, 2017

Food Trip in Bohol – Best Restaurants To Visit in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is a great weekend spot, and a great place for a culinary trip too. It went through a renovation phase in recent years, and now has many casual and fine dining places of a surprisingly high level. 

The other good thing about Bohol, is that between meals you'll have so many attractions to fill your days with. There is the fabulous Alona Beach, Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, and the Loboc River. Getting to do them all while your tummy is full of good food is a huge bonus.

For an even more convenient and easy vacation, you can book a full Bohol package that includes accommodation and day tours. So if you're a foodie like me, make Bohol your next destination, and dine at these local restaurants:

Buzzz Café at Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm is one of the famous resorts in Bohol. They opened Buzzz Café to offer visitors a taste of local cuisine using the freshest and organic ingredients there is . The most famous Buzzz Café is in Alona Beach, and it's a great spot for breakfast, or organic ice cream in cassava cones. Yes you heard right, organic ice cream! Bohol Bee Farm advocates organic farming, and organic consumption and lifestyle.

All of the food they sell is organic and additives free, and it is delicious too. The breakfast menu includes continental dishes with a twist, like toasted squash bread with ham; baked potato with chicken omelet; waffles; and some Filipino dishes like herb rice with ham and eggs; arroz caldo served with squash bread; and more. The ice cream flavors  include malunggay, salted honey, pandan, camote, spicy ginger and other traditional flavors.

Gavroche – a patisserie in Alona Beach
You won't think you'll find a French bakery anywhere near Bohol, but this one is as genuine as its name suggests. Oliver, the owner of this patisserie in Alona Beach is a French national. Locals and tourists alike, line up in front of this place every morning, to get their hands on some freshly baked breads and pastries.  

They serve real MAURO Italian coffee, crunchy croissant, French bread and baguettes. You can also buy all sort of French pastries like mille-feuille (custard and puffy pastry cake), sandwiches, breakfasts, croque-monsieur (ham and cheese grilled sandwich) and much more. Many come here for breakfast, but I think it's a better spot for merienda.

Saffron- high end Bicolano cuisine dining
Chef Paeng uses new cooking techniques, local ingredients, and Boholano cookery, to create an up to date modern Filipino/Boholano kitchen. It serves many of the classics like adobo, kare-kare, and beef salpicao, which are made really well and with a twist. Other surprising dishes are the sisig quesadilla, guso (local seaweed salad), and chicken halan-halang (grilled chicken in lemongrass, chili and coconut milk sauce. For dessert take the turon, which also has peanuts inside, with a scoop of ice cream on top. Yum!

Dining here isn't cheap, as Saffron is the restaurant of the luxurious resort Amorita. If you have the budget for it, staying in one of Bohol's finest resorts will allow you to experience their breakfast buffet, which is supposed to be one of the best breakfast in Alona. A cheaper way to eat there is their 850Php all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, served on Saturday nights. They serve a wide variety of entrees, seafood (garlic butter grilled prawns!), chicken, and pork dishes. 

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast
Giuseppe from Sicily decided to move to the Philippines and open a pizzeria that serves genuine Italian pizza in Panglao. There he serves many classic Sicilian antipasti, pizza and pasta, with genuine flavors of Italy. The pizza is brick-oven baked, with a very thin and crispy crust. The place is also an Italian grill-house, where you can enjoy steaks, lamb, and even ostrich dishes.

The average price for a pizza is Php400 (good for 2-3), and the entrees are priced around Php300. It's a short walk from Alona Beach, and it's a must go if you are carving for Italian food. 

Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant
This restaurant is owned by two young Spanish chefs, who wanted to bring the authentic flavors of Spain to Bohol. They opened a tapas bar/restaurant, where they use original ingredients and recipes. They showcase their Jamon with pride, a whole hind leg of a pig, cured and dried for 12 months in Spain. They also sell sangria, a wine and fruit cocktail, by the jug.

The house specialty here is three kinds of paella. Paella Valeciana with shrimp, chicken and vegetables, Paella Madrid with squid, prawns and fish, and Paella Hortalena for the vegetarian guests. The paellas are good for two or more, and cost Php230-php250 per portion. Not a bad deal for a special meal.

Gerarda's Place – top quality Filipino food
It is the restaurant of the Gerarda family, and they serve Filipino/Boholano food at an affordable price. The restaurant was selected as the best restaurant in the island back in 2012. The house specialty is dinakdakan- a combination of kinilaw and sisig. It’s very similar to kinilaw, but have pieces of crispy pork in it. 

Be sure to check out these must-try restaurants in Bohol, and enjoy a selection of international cuisine from Filipino, Italian, Spanish and French, all in one place. 

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