December 6, 2017

SM Markets x Unilever Bigger, Better SM Limited Edition GreenBag, The Good Bag

To celebrate its 10th year of going green and promoting more sustainable shopping habits, SM Markets, in partnership with Unilever Philippines, recently launched its new limited edition SM Greenbag, just in time for the holidays. Being the pioneer of the reusable bag 10 years ago, SM continues with its advocacy to take part in saving the environment in its own little way.

The new SM Greenbag comes in a stylish color of red and green with chevron waves, that goes well with the holidays, but subtle enough to be used all year round. Take it with you on multiple shopping trips to the supermarket, grocery and malls, and fill it up with your favorites products and goodies, or even gifts to your friends and families.

The new SM Greenbag also boasts of a bigger and larger capacity of 3 shopping bags combined, and is available for only P35-  still at its same price 10 years ago. 

The new SM Greenbag’s reusability literally makes it an Earth-saver every time it is used and reused.

A multi-awarded decade of going green

“We would like to thank the support of the millions of shoppers who continue to reuse their SM Greenbags especially those who believed in our advocacy since day one; a time we were the only retailer pushing for reusable shopping bags. We know that our shoppers will be busy buying gifts for their loved ones as well as ingredients for upcoming parties and Noche Buena that’s why we are introducing the bigger and stronger SM Greenbag. By strengthening the pioneering SM Greenbag, we aim to continue doing our part for the environment in a stronger and more exciting way and this affirms our commitment towards greener and more sustainable shopping habits.” said SM Supermarket president Joey Mendoza.

Since its launch in 2007, there have been 38 million instances that SM Greenbags have been used which means over 75 million plastic bags were saved, assuming that one greenbag equates to two large plastic bags. SM Markets strengthened their advocacy by launching the Join the M.O.B. (MyOwnBag) campaign which declared every Wednesdays plastic-free days and rewarded SM Greenbag users with incentives.

“It is our privilege to be a partner of SM’s Greenbag program to promote greener and more sustainable shopping habits,” said Unilever Philippines Chairman Benjie Yap. “Collaboration with like-minded companies allows us to address the public demand for socially and environmentally responsible companies and the accolades received by this program is a testament of the positive impact of partnerships,” says Yap.

Bigger, stronger, better

With the new limited edition SM Greenbag being bigger and stronger, shoppers can now worry less and carry more items when they shop with their SM Greenbag. Instead of toting around single-use throw-away bags, the sturdy limited-edition Greenbag will help you gather all your shopping and belongings easily. And with its new red and green style, you’ll look a lot more fashionable when you shop too! Lastly, it is the eco-friendly choice that can be quickly incorporated into our everyday life with minimal effort.

The SM Greenbag can be used for more than just your grocery shopping this holiday season. Bring it with you when you’re Christmas shopping and you’ll be able to cut back on unnecessary use of paper and plastic bags. You can also use it to carry your gifts when it’s time to give them out to your family and friends, or even when bringing those delicious dishes for your potluck parties.

Keep it everywhere

Even after the holidays, the SM Greenbag will still be your bestfriend. It’s not just good for bringing groceries, it’s also stylish and sturdy enough to use in the gym, to carry baby essentials, and to bring your much needed personal belongings.

An easy way to remember to use your Greenbag is by storing them in your car after every use, or by your front door and office desk so that you always have at least one Greenbag on hand when you need to carry all your different things or when you need to make an unscheduled grocery trip. The new limited edition SM Greenbag is available for a short period of time in SM Markets stores nationwide for only P35.

This holiday season can become more meaningful from start to finish when the season of giving isn’t limited to the gifts we give. It truly is better to give than to receive, especially when we’re giving back to our very own environment and community.

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