February 14, 2018

The Proposal at Paseo Rizal: We Are Finally Getting Married!

Yes, it is official- we are finally getting married! After more than 10 years of knowing each other, and more than 7 years of being together, D finally popped the question last January 13, 2018.

What was supposed to be a post-Christmas and New Year celebration with college friends turned out to be one of the special highlights of our year. 

The proposal happened in Paseo Rizal, a serene and beautiful place in Tanay,  just 1.5hr drive from Manila.

We've been to Paseo Rizal before for a simple get-together and reunion. This time, aside from our planned New Year party, my friend who owns the place, also requested me to write about the venue as an ideal place to celebrate the upcoming Valentine season and as a wedding reception venue for engaged couples. Little did I know that a proposal and our very own wedding journey was about to happen and begin here.

We left Manila around 12:30pm and arrive past 2:30pm in Paseo. The weather was way beyond nice that day. We passed by a rainbow on the way, and temperature was so cold and chilly.

Had we known that it would be that cold, we wouldn't had set our theme to floral and girly and wore jackets and sweaters instead. Well, it was at least fit for the the occasion and surprise.

Upon arriving, we settled at the dining area and met with everyone. We had some few conversations, until my friend asked me to proceed to the gazebo where the supposed food setup was.

This is me saying: "Where the FOOD at?!"

That was when I noticed something different. Everyone stayed behind, and when I approached the gazebo, a lovely setup was in place- flowers, candles, sheer curtains and fairy lights. It was a dreamy sight to see.

D who was with me got down on one knee and started saying a few things, which at that time sounded all muffled to me. Not that he was stuttering or nervous, but because I was in a state where I really don't know what to do and started to cut his speech short and told him "ok na yan!" Thinking about it now, I should had composed myself and carefully listened to every word he said. But trust me, it is easier said than done. I totally lost my senses, it felt like I couldn't see anything, I couldn't hear anything and I couldn't even say the rights words. Everything was a blur. But one thing was loud and clear that day- my answer, undoubtedly a YES!

A lot of bloopers that day from him placing the ring to my right hand instead of left, and having to kneel even before we reached the "proposal spot".

He ended up doing a re-proposal, with us finally positioned inside the gazebo, this time putting the ring correctly on my left hand ring finger, and with everyone around us as witness and clearly hearing what he said on his speech earlier. It was a heartwarming message of promises of love (which I hope he keeps), and a sincere message of gratitude and appreciation. It was the most beautiful moment.

While our families were not there to witness the proposal, having our closest friends with us at that very special day made our hearts overflow with love and thankfulness.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for our friends who came and to each and everyone who sent their congrats and well wishes.

Thank you to everyone who took time to arrange everything for D and made this proposal a success!

Behind the scenes:

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