May 16, 2018

Real California Milk Recipe: Three Cheese Pesto Chicken Meltwich #LookForTheSeal

I was never the milk drinking type of kid back in the days. In fact, I'd always choose a glass of water instead of milk during my preschool years. My mom would always sneak milk to my diet from chocolate cereal breakfasts and chocolate milk drinks, to yogurt drinks, ice candies and milkshakes. It was basically a struggle to have me drink a pure glass of fresh milk. 

Growing up, I slowly learned to appreciate milk and other dairy products. Cream-based dishes became one of my favorite food, ice cream and milkshakes became my go-to desserts, and cheese became my best friend. While other people say everything tastes better with butter, I say everything tastes better with cheese..and butter.

Dairy products such as milk and cheese have high nutritional value and are essential in every balanced diet. The milk in cheese products, has high quality Protein, that contains essential amino acids to strengthen the bones, hair, muscles and teeth. It also gives the extra boost of energy one needs to start the day. Milk/Cheese is rich source of Calcium for healthy bones, and supports heart health and blood pressure levels. There is also Potassium that can help with kidney and heart disorders, and at the same time supports muscle strength and boost metabolism.

Cheese is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A for healthy skin and immune system, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and Phosphorus for energy support, Vitamin B3 (niacin) for proper brain function, Vitamin B12 for maintenance of the central nervous system, and Vitamin D to prevent rickets and osteoporosis.

Real cheese lovers would know that when buying cheese, it is important to look for products made with 100% Real California Milk. With California being the number one producer of milk, and second largest producer of cheese and yogurt, the Real California Milk/Cheese seal guarantees high quality dairy products we can find in local supermarkets and groceries.

Being a cheese lover myself, I have always enjoyed adding cheese to my food. There are just countless of dishes I can think of that can be enhanced and made more delicious with cheese.

Now, I will be sharing a quick and easy recipe that I recently made for breakfast using Real California Milk cheeses.

Three Cheese Pesto Chicken Meltwich
a healthy and cheesy sandwich made with 3 kinds of Real California Milk cheese

- 2 slices of bread
- butter
- 3 kinds of Real California Cheese (Graziers Raw Medium Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack. Creamy Jack)
- cooked chicken breast slices
- pesto sauce

1. Coat chicken slices with pesto sauce.
2. Butter one side of the bread
3. Layer chicken slices on the bread 
4. Cut cheeses into small bits and evenly distribute on top of the chicken
5. Top with the other layer of bread
6. Put in the oven/toaster for 5 minutes until cheese melts 
7. Serve. (optional: serve with fries on the side)

Want to recreate this recipe or come up with your own using Real California Milk products? You can buy California dairy products at the following supermarkets below:
- S&R Membership Shopping
- Landers Superstore
- SM Hypermarket
- Merkado Supermarket
- Unimart Supermarket
- Robinsons Supermarket

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*This is a sponsored blog post for Real California Milk.

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